Going local is the way ahead now: Sania Mirza


During the pandemic situation, one thing which is helping people is the closeness and compassion for each other. Indian tennis player Sania Mirza is among those people who are doing a bit for others.

“I don’t like to use the word charity. We must do certain things in our lives, and helping each other is an essential part of our existence. My family and I want to do whatever we can whether it’s supporting people with food, financially, or by giving them emotional support,” Mirza says as mentioned in Hindustan Times.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about self-reliance in his speeches. Mirza also believes that one should be helping small scale workers during this tough time.

Going Vocal For Local

“Going local is the way ahead right now. Small businesses have been badly hit but not much has been done about it. They deserve a chance to get back to their feet. I’m glad that people have shown faith in me and the response to whatever I’m doing has been unbelievable,” Sania said.

During this period many fake NGOs are coming into the light and deceiving people and doing nothing to help people.

When asked about the precautions she and her team are taking, 33 years old said, “We try to do due diligence and take required precautions. We have the proper paperwork in place when we tie-up with an NGO. Plus, we support people directly also and the team has been working on the frontline to reach out to those in need.”

“I’m practicing while maintaining social distancing and proper hygiene. Every time we sit down for water, we sanitize our hands. I’ve also been working on my fitness and moves. I’m in decent shape now, so it has been good so far,” she concluded.

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