Golden State Warrior lose sitter in an away trip against Utah Jazz

Golden State loose back to back as the Utah Jazz keep climbing the ladder in the Western Conference

Donovan Mitchell and Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warriors have really been performing contrary to their franchise name. The team is known for dominating and being on the top in the Western Conference. Yet their second consecutive loss in an away trip, this time a loss against Utah Jazz has put Steve Kerr, the head coach in a critical situation. After their big win against the Los Angeles Lakers, the team was sure enough to gain a momentum. And so it did after they outscored San Antonio Spurs. But that was the end of it. They have two consecutive losses to their record.

Standing 8th in the Western Conference, it is really time for Steve Kerr to shift to an alternative tactic. The shooting all-star, Stephen Curry was put to bounds as he scored 24 quick points. The suffocation defense seemed really working on him as he choked at numerous occasions. Even Draymond Green was put to bed with continuous steal from the big guy. All in all, the Golden State Warriors had a dull performance. On the other side, The Utah Jazz are steaming hot. They are currently on their best record 12-4 in the league.

Golden State Warriors stumble against Utah Jazz

The push that Donovan Mitchell has put forth for the Utah Jazz is exceptional. The young guard is really defining his game. With great handles and flexible shot making ability, the ‘Spiderman’ is always at work. The youngster had 23 early points. After Jaz took the lead, their newest roster impacted with some great blows past the arc. Bojan Bogdanovic who recently switched to the Jazz after his trade request has been in sublime shooting exercise.

Utah Jazz are getting huge attention after they failed to their playoff last season. This year, they are head strong impacting the playoffs with the subtle style they are showcasing already.

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