Brooks Koepka excited for Masters after rejuvenation with LIV Golf Event

Koepka aims to prove his critics wrong and remind the world of his talent at Augusta National.

Brooks Koepka excited for Masters after rejuvenation with LIV Golf Event

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Brooks Koepka, a four-time major champion, has voiced his enthusiasm for the forthcoming Masters tournament, citing how his participation in the LIV golf event has revitalized him. Despite being slightly below the average age of major winners, Koepka’s comeback to golf follows a series of injuries that jeopardized his career and mental well-being.

Koepka shared his vulnerable side by admitting that he attempted to find ways to compete at Augusta just three weeks after surgery, which he now regrets. His struggle was captured in the Netflix documentary “Full Swing.”


Koepka expressed his desire to provide the best golfing experience to the fans and put on a great show for everyone. He is determined to do his best at the upcoming Masters, and the golfing world is eagerly anticipating his performance.

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Four-time Major Champion, Brooks Koepka, Shares insights into his Recovery, Injuries, and Mental Health

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Brooks Koepka spoke openly from his residence in Florida about his recovery struggles, the pressure to demonstrate his ability, and his irritation with being unable to swing as he usually would. Following this tumultuous time, he became a member of LIV golfers, a splinter group with a reported $100 million in financing.


Despite feeling more valued as a LIV golfer, Koepka bears no ill feelings towards the PGA Tour, expressing his love for it and stating that he has no issues with it. Koepka believes that the team mechanism that LIV has created, giving players a stake in the product, has fostered a sense of belonging that was previously lacking in the Tour, and he has embraced it wholeheartedly.

Brooks Koepka believes that his involvement in the LIV event has revitalized him and that he is now free of injuries after overcoming torn patella tendons in both legs and a smashed right knee cap. Although the current weekend LIV golf event in Orlando is only the third of the season, he feels “a little under-golfed” but is optimistic about his chances at the Masters.

In addition to the opportunity to showcase their skills, the LIV golf event boasts a prize pool of $10 million, surpassing the $9 million on offer at the Masters. This serves as an added motivation for Brooks Koepka and other players to excel. As he gears up for the Masters, Koepka’s aim is to silence his detractors by staying true to himself.


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