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“Young man with a great work ethic” – Jack Nicklaus recalls recent conversation with Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods earlier sent the golfing world into a frenzy when his name continued to appear as "in the field" on the Masters official website.

Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods

Imagine the extent of the conversation when two legends of golf – Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods sit down for dinner. This enriching moment recently took place during the Champions Dinner at the Masters. 

The eighteen-time Major champion Nicklaus, who featured on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio’s Inside the Ropes, revealed that he had arguably the best spot directly next to Woods at Augusta National. The former golfing great went on to mention that only Woods would have been capable of playing after what he had been through.

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“I couldn’t possibly give you any idea what he went through in the last 14-months. I think only Tiger could do that,” he said. “I’m sure that what he went through was very difficult. Tiger’s a very driven young man with a great work ethic and he’s got a great desire to do the best he can. That’s Tiger. It’s always been, Tiger.”

Nicklaus reveals why Tiger Woods took risk of competing at the Masters

Tiger Woods

The California native Woods made a successful comeback at the Masters, after being out for over a year due to a car crash that led to leg injuries. Although he ended in the 47th place, his career-worst performance, one must accredit him for his bravery. The veteran golfer continued to play despite facing health issues and pain in his leg.

Nicklaus recalled his conversation with the fifteen-time Major champion and why ultimately, he decided to take the risk by competing at the Masters: “He says, ‘You know, I know I’m gonna hurt. The doctors told me I’m gonna hurt. I accept that,’” Nicklaus recalled. “‘What am I gonna be next year? And the doctor says, ‘You’re still gonna hurt.’

“He said, ‘Well, why in the world would I wait a year to play if I know I’m gonna hurt both years? Why don’t I just get back and start playing and just suck it up?’

“Which is basically what he did. I thought his performance was quite good. I mean, I think he wore out on Saturday and Sunday, but I think it was great to have him back in the game.”

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