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“I turned it down”- Jack Nicklaus reveals LIV Golf Invitational Series approached him with a $100 million deal

The LIV Golf series initially targeted Jack Nicklaus lead the rival tour

Jack Nicklaus

Australian golfer Greg Norman has been making headlines for weeks for his role in the Saudi backed LIV Golf Invitational Series. The series is set to take place from the 9th of June to the 11th in London, but recently it came to light that Norman was not the first choice for the Saudis to be the figurehead for the series, instead, the honour went to legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus.

In a recent interview, the 18-time major winner revealed that he was offered a large sum of money to join the fledgling league but decided to ultimately turn it down. “I was offered something in excess of $100 million by the Saudis to the job probably similar to the one that Greg is doing,” Nicklaus said. “I turned it down”.

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“I helped start the PGA Tour”

One of the richest golfers of all time – Jack Nicklaus

Nicklaus continued, “Once verbally, once in writing. I said, “Guys, I have to stay with the PGA Tour. I helped start the PGA Tour”. Nicklaus annually hosts the PGA Tour with the Memorial Tournament that takes place at his golf club in Ohio. He is often seen shaking hands and encouraging players on the green.

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He was asked what advice he would give Phil Mickelson. “My advice to Phil would be to be patient. The world is a very forgiving place. But he’s the one, he has to decide where he wants to play and what he wants to do”. Mickelson and Norman, have been the poster child for the LIV Golf Invitational Series. Mickelson was one of the biggest names tied to the series.

The six-time major champion has been away from the public spotlight since he made shocking statements about the Saudi Arabian government that surfaced in February. Mickelson withdrew from the PGA Championship last Friday prolonging his absence from the public eye and has led to further speculation about his future.

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