“Nice Headline”- Justin Thomas defends HVlll over his comments about Hoffman

Justin Thomas defended Harold Varner on social media over comments he made on Morgan Hoffman.

Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas

Harold Varner lll spoke to the press after his first round at RBC heritage this week where Hoffman had returned after 2 years of being out. Justin Thomas defended his statements on social media after media twisted it to fit their narrative. Morgan Hoffman had been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy five years ago and had been living in Costa Rica for alternative treatments. After the play, Varner was asked about Hoffman’s game after being out for so long.

He’s still good at golf. It’s like riding a bike. Obviously it’s going to take a while to get the rust off, but it’s good to see him”. “The last time I saw him was actually here probably years ago here. We played together, and he wanted to go fly and watch the Canes play and then come back and play a round. I’m like, no, I’m good man,” he responded.

“My battle may come down the road later”

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Morgan Hoffman

When asked if there was anything different about Hoffman’s game, he said “I did not, but I’m not a very aware person. I’m out here to beat Morgan. I really don’t care. I get that he’s been through a lot, but everyone on this planet’s going through something, and that’s his battle.”

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He continued, “My battle may come down the road later. When you’re on the golf course, it’s time to compete. I want to win. I don’t know. That’s kind of messed up, but it is what it is”.

When taken out of context it may sound indifferent, but it’s just an unfiltered, honest answer from Varner. The headline has since been changed, but Justin Thomas wasted no time in defending Varner online. He took to twitter and defended him in a tweet, calling out the twisted headline. Morgan Hoffman last played on the PGA Tour in October 2019, and now 32 years old, he has returned and is playing on a major medical exemption on the PGA tour.

When asked earlier this week about his expectations for his return were, he responded by saying “Some smiles. Some golf on a beautiful course. That’s really about it. I’ve been practicing hard and my game feels pretty solid”.

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