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“Did not handle it very well at all”: Rickie Fowler slams PGA Tour over failing to ‘stop’ LIV Golf

Rickie Fowler is not happy over how the PGA Tour handled the LIV Golf Series.

Rickie Fowler

Rickie Fowler has been the most recent to dip his feet into the LIV Golf Series drama, saying that the PGA Tour could have definitely handled the situation better. The LIV Series has caused its fair share of controversy since its inception, as the Saudi backed funded series is seeing more defectors. The PGA has taken strict action, sanctioning and suspending the golfers from the Tour.

This however, has angered the defectors- who filed a lawsuit against the PGA Tour. The first TRO filed to let 3 golfers- Talor Gooch, Matt Jones and Hudson Swafford- play the FedEx Cup Playoffs was quashed by a federal judge, and it was a big win for the PGA. However, over the last several weeks, a lot of golfers have weighed in on how the PGA Tour and the LIV Series might be able to coexist in the future.

One such golfer has been Rickie Fowler, who has been on the fence about making a possible shift to LIV Golf. Fowler has been very assertive in his opinion that PGA ‘has been and certainly is’ the best place to play golf. A recent meeting between the top 20 golfers of the world to discuss the future of golf however meant that the PGA Tour did not escape Fowler’s criticism.

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Rickie Fowler calls out the PGA Tour for handling the LIV Golf ‘situation’ poorly


“I’ve told the Tour and Jay when I’ve met with them that I don’t think they have handled it very well at all,” Fowler told Golf Week. “A lot of the stuff that has happened in the last six months to a year and is starting to happen, to me they are reacting to it versus when the talks of Premier Golf League and LIV came about is when they should have been proactive and gotten in front of it.”

Fowler has been quite important on the golf scene lately. While he is ranked 173rd in the world, he remains one of the most popular players in the world despite a lack of success on the greens, building a brand through his personality and clothing style.

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