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‘Not just a decorated career, but decorated walls too’ – Tiger Woods displays a mere part of his extravagant collection

Last addition to the collection happened three years ago and the wait is still on for now.

TIger woods

Nothing excites the fans more than some insights into the lives of generous scoreboard leaders. One such interview with Tiger Woods caught the media’s attention when he revealed he has a whole wall shelf for his trophies. Mcllroy also went vocal about Tiger’s display of trophies and his career at a press conference.


There is no doubt that Tiger Woods has a celebrated career. He is famous not just for his golfing career but also for his philanthropic endeavors. So much to handle, Woods definitely has made a spectacular display of skills and grace in his sport. The title and trophies speak volumes about all the hard work and time that has gone into it.

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Tiger Woods only displays majors trophies and a few of the rest are ‘wherever’

Tiger Woods

Woods has so many of them that he is unaware now of where some of them are. The golfer mentions that he has four shelves and that he has been lucky enough for each shelf to have four sections with their own rows, meaning one shelf for each major tournament. However, sadly enough there has been a long enough three-year haul in the addition since he won The Masters then.

Tiger Woods proudly says,” My mom has some, and a few are in the office.” But he also admits that some are missing saying they are wherever. A 109 career title to his name, Woods certainly has had a lot to manage when it comes to celebrating his own trophies at the least.

Rory Mcllroy, his companion in the LIV format stated, “So how easy that must have felt for him to win all the others. That was just always in my mind — he talked about these being the four weeks that matter. So, the weeks that didn’t matter, you know, he racked them up at a pretty fast clip.”

He visited Woods’ residence and couldn’t stop thinking about Tiger’s career on his way back home. He felt that everything other than the Majors was pretty much like practice for Woods. It definitely must have felt easy for him. Rory has been a former World No.1 himself and the perspective of Tiger being a man of the sport definitely highlights the love they share for golf.

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