Gonzalo Higuain Terrible on his Debut for Inter Miami

Ex Juventus man suffered an awful defeat as Inter Miami lose 3-0 against Philadelphia Union on his debut.


Gonzalo Higuain suffered a brutal debut as Inter Miami lost 3-0 to Philadelphia Union in Major League Soccer on Sunday. Higuain, who was signed from Juventus was supposed to be the important No. 9 they need. However, it all went downwards as he missed a penalty on his debut.

Higuain’s Debut:

Higuain fights

Higuain had a much-anticipated debut with him linking up with Blaise Matuidi. However, Inter Miami were far from where they should be with talent like that. Major League Soccer has seen some big European stars join the United States tournament, and Higuain is just the latest addition.

Higuain kicked off his debut game quite well, with coming extremely close to scoring. He attempted a bicycle kick in the 18 years box, with the shot hitting the post and out. 

His best chance of scoring came in the 75th penalty. With trailing 2-0, Inter Miami were awarded a penalty. Higuain stepped up to start the comeback for his team, however, it all went horribly wrong. He kicked the ball into the stands with a terribly taken penalty.

Despite Higuain’s disappointing start at Miami, coach Diego Alonso has previously stressed his arrival can benefit the club in a number of ways. “The arrival of experience has a positive impact on the team, first because of the quality because it helps improve the level and also it impacts the young players and helps them to develop” Alonso claimed.

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