Gouramangi Singh ‘proud’ as pilot wife serves the nation’s call during pandemic

Gouramangi Singh ‘proud’ as pilot wife serves the nation’s call during pandemic

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Former skipper Gouramangi 'immensely proud' as pilot wife rescues ...

COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc over all the world since more than 6 months. Several frontline workers have been working day in and day out to keep everyone safe. Amongst such frontline workers, there is one Air India pilot, Commander Pushpanjali Potsangbam. She is flying to different nations to bring back Indian nationals who are stranded all over the world.

Potsangbam is the wife of former Indian football team captain Gouramangi Singh. The former defender of India said that he is immensely proud of his wife responding to the “nation’s call.”

“I have played football for India for so many years. Wearing the jersey and singing the National Anthem – it is a feeling of pride you cannot put into words. I am sure it must be the same feeling for her,” the former Indian captain said to AIFF’s website.

Gouramangi added that the couple are happy to do their part through their professions which are also their passions. “We are happy to do our part. I did it through football which is something I have loved doing since my childhood. Now my wife is doing it through her profession. It is her passion. There are sacrifices that we made and are still making now. But in the end, it is a proud feeling.”

“One of the positives of the lockdown period was that most of us footballers got to spend time with their families. We generally stay out and travel a lot and our families make a lot of sacrifices for us. But this time, I am immensely proud that she is leading from the front.

Gouramangi also shared about the difficulties that the crew has to go through. “They go through a lot of stress. These flights are not like normal flights, but they keep themselves isolated from their families till the third test comes negative. To do that once or twice is fine but they live through that week after week for the safety of their loved ones.”

The Air India crew have flown to different cities in foreign countries to get the necessary medicines, kits, and other supplies. Now they have been flying to places like Auckland, Cairo, Dublin, and Lagos. “From our talks I have come to know how much work goes into flying into places that they do not regularly fly to,” the former captain said.

Gouramangi also lauded the effort of all the frontline workers who are working in these tough times. “From the armed forces who protect our borders to the various frontline workers such as doctors, nurses, police personnel, airline staff, so many people are sacrificing for our sake. We should not overlook the efforts they are putting in right now for the country and countrymen. It is critical for us to follow the regulations laid down by the government and keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.”

Source – AIFF

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