GTA 5 Casino Heist explained and all you need to know

The Diamond Casino Heist was one of the biggest DLCs in GTA Online. It added more originality to the heists in the game. Today, we will go over the missions, setups, and the heist finale itself.

GTA 5 Casino Heist Explained

The Diamond Casino Heist or simply Casino Heist released came out in the December of 2019. It turned out to be a huge update, one that bought many new players while also inviting a lot of returning players back to the game. It eventually became one of the best ways to earn money in-game. Today we will go over the different scope out, setups and the finale of the Casino Heist in GTA 5 Online. This is GTA 5 Casino Heist Explained:

GTA 5 Casino Heist Explained
GTA 5 Casino Heist explained and all you need to know 1

GTA 5 Casino Heist Explained

GTA 5 Casino Heist Explained
GTA 5 Casino Heist explained and all you need to know 2

The Diamond Casino Heist features 3 stages. The scope out has to be done only once. Different scoped out locations unlock different approaches. Then the player is asked to choose between 3 approaches, The Aggressive, Big Con, and the Silent and Sneaky way. Each approach has different ways of entry, exit, and heist depending on the option picked and locations scoped out. The next stage is the setup stage where players must do different missions to set up things such as the equipment or any other prerequisites for the heist. These setups are chosen based on the approach selected. The finale is when the players must break into the casino, steal the target item and escape safely, after which they must escape the police and reach the drop-off for a payout.

The Lore

The Casino Heist starts with Lester texting you to meet him in Mirror Park. However, on reaching the park, Lester claims that he never texted you and it was actually you who texted him to meet at the park. Both eventually find out that it was Georgina Cheng who texted both of them as she needs some work to be done. She requests Lester to set up a heist crew and hit the Casino Vault as a way of taking revenge against the Texans who now own the Casino and are the Cheng family’s rivals. The players must purchase an arcade now and set it up to start the Heist.

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Scope Out

The scope out missions is important as they help set up the prerequisites. There is multiple scopes out points that unlock different entrances or exits and also additional rewards. These scope-out missions are started by the planning board in the Arcade. The player must then guess or find the scope out points, photograph it and send it to Lester, after which it is added to the planning board.

Vault Contents

After the scoping out is done, the player must hack the casino cameras to find out what is inside the vault. The contents are spawned based on the percentages given by insider TezFunzz 2.

The spawning in of the contents is totally based on the luck of the host. If the host does not like the vault content, he/she can cancel the heist and start again to try and change the vault contents. Artwork takes the least time to loot out of the vault followed by diamonds, then cash and finally gold.

Choosing the Approach

After the Vault contents are scoped out, the player is asked to choose from 3 approaches, the Silent and Sneaky which is the stealth approach, Big Con which is entering and exiting the Casino in disguises, and the Aggressive Approach where players go in guns blazing, hit the vault and escape safely.


GTA 5 Casino Heist Explained
GTA 5 Casino Heist explained and all you need to know 3

The setups are available to the player from the setups board in the Basement of the Arcade. They differ based on the approach picked by the Host. There are both mandatory setups which is compulsory for the host to finish in order to play the finale and optional setups which are not compulsory to finish but some of them like the Duggan Shipments setups are recommended to make the Finale a lot easier.


The heist finale starts with Lester briefing the players depending on the approach. after this the players make their way to the casino, enter from the entry point they have chosen, hit the vault and exit. After this they must lose the cops and drive to the drop-off they have selected. There are 3 different buyers that the player can choose from. The high level buyer rewards the most cash but the distance to the drop off is the furthest. the mid level buyer awards moderate money and the distance to reach him is also moderate. The low level buyer is stationed inside the city but does not reward much money. The player can also choose from his pick of weapons and getaway vehicles. The hacker can also be selected. The better the hacker, the more time the players have inside the vault but the better hacker takes a higher cut.

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