GTA 5 Prologue explained

Today, we explore the prologue of the story mode and explore the backstory of the three protagonists and the other events that set the scene for GTA 5

GTA 5 Prologue explained

Every game has a good prologue that sets its events in motion. They throw light on the backstory of the character or characters in question, while also conveying some early messages. GTA 5 is no stranger to this phenomenon. GTA 5 to has a prologue that appears before the first mission. In this article, we will go over GTA 5 Prologue prologue, and break it down.

GTA 5 Prologue explained
GTA 5 Prologue explained 1

GTA 5 Prologue explained

The Heist:

GTA 5 Prologue explained
GTA 5 Prologue explained 2

The introduction to GTA 5 starts with Trevor Phillips, Michael Townley, Brad, and a hired hitman, hitting a bank in North Yankton 9 years ago. The scene rolls in with them trying to control a crowd of hostages. They push them into a room and use cellphone explosives to blow up the room. They then proceed to move to the vault where they steal around $178000 worth of money and move out to the Garage.

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The Escape

The characters try to reach the garage of the bank. On their way, a policeman gets hold of Michael and uncovers his mask, and claims that he has seen his face and that he would remember it. Michael responds with the words, “You forget a thousand things every day. Make sure this is one of them”. This dialogue plays a very important role in the development of the story as it progresses. At this point, the player is prompted to switch his character to Trevor. Trevor shoots the policeman and saves Michael. They then blast their way through a locked door and reach the garage of the bank.

The Shootout

GTA 5 Prologue explained
GTA 5 Prologue explained 3

This is the time when the players learn the combat skills of GTA 5. The players are greeted by a police squadron waiting to pick them off as they leave the garage. The player now has permission to switch between Trevor and Michael as he pleases. They eliminate all the cops and make their way through the snow to an SUV that had been placed there for their getaway. They get on it and drive away from the bank.

The Killing

GTA 5 Prologue explained
GTA 5 Prologue explained 4

The characters drive away as more cops tail them. Their hired hitman gets shot by the cops and the characters abandon him. They drive out to an open field after nearly hitting a moving train. Their car gets damaged and they proceed on foot. They then get ambushed and Brad gets shot. They take cover and fight the cops but even Michael gets shot. Trevor tries to kill the cops and save Michael who had already lost a lot of blood. Michael tells Trevor to leave the place as more cops are closing on him and Trevor will not be able to save Michael. Trevors gets furious at this but eventually runs away leaving both Michael and Brad to die.

The Aftermath

After this, a sequence is shown where there a funeral being held for Michael. However, Michael is only standing a few feet away sipping coffee and observing his funeral. Michael had faked his death by bribing the FIB and cutting a deal using the money he earned from the Heist. He changes his name to Michael de Santa and settles down in Los Santos without Trevor’s knowledge

The Repossession

9 years later, we see a sequence where Michael has settled down in Los Santos using a fake name. He is in his mid-30s, going through a midlife crisis. He is seen sharing these thoughts with his Shrink. After this, they show completely different characters. Franklin and Lamar are 2 young men who are stealing a car for their boss who then sells them in his showroom. The player is asked to pick a car out of the 2 options given to him. Lamar gets into the leftover car and drives away. The player, who is now controlling Franklin, has to follow Lamar to a parking lot Downtown. After this Lamar drives away and the player receives a 2 star wanted level. the player must then lose the wanted level, drive to the showroom, pick Lamar and go back to his home.

These were the introductions of the three protagonists in GTA Online. They later meet and get back together as the story of the game progresses.

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