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GTA Online Active and Passive Businesses Explained

Businesses have long been a part of GTA Online. They help players make money in various different way. today, we explore the different active and passive businesses in GTA Online

Businesses in GTA Online are one of the best ways to earn money in the game. They can be grindy but offer large sums of money in just a matter of minutes. Sometimes, businesses take much longer to make money but they require a lot less effort to do and can be done in the background while the player engages in other activities such as heists or adversary modes. this is the thin line that separates active and passive businesses. In this article, we will explore the differences between the two. This is GTA Online Active and Passive Businesses Explained:

GTA Online Active and Passive Businesses Explained 8

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GTA Online Active and Passive Businesses Explained:

Active businesses:

These are businesses that require constant work or supplies to be making any money. When not working on these businesses, they do not produce any product or make money of any kind. They cannot be done in the background or while AFK. they usually involve buying/sourcing some type of product, storing it in a warehouse, repeating this until the product stacks up and then selling the product for a profit. These usually reward quick money in a short span of time but require a lot of work usually involving tedious missions and a lot of work such as going far out to the desert, eliminating enemies in a chopper, and then bring individual crates of product going back and forth till all the product is accumulated. They can also get very repetitive. there are 3 active businesses in GTA Online. They are:

Special Cargo Business: Source 1,2 or 3 crates finish a mission to bring the crates to your warehouse safely, stack up crates by repeating this process until there are enough crates, sell at a profit. If the delivery vehicle gets destroyed during the sale, all the product is lost and there is no profit regardless of the dropoffs already made

GTA Online Active and Passive Businesses Explained 9

Vehicle Cargo Business: This business involves stealing a high valued vehicle, bringing it to the warehouse safely and paying for any damages that occurred. After this, players can modify these vehicles and deliver them to a dropoff safely to earn a commission. Any damages on the vehicle while delivering them is directly detected from the player’s commission.

GTA Online Active and Passive Businesses Explained 10

Hangar Businesses: This involves a similar method of sourcing a specific type of cargo and bringing it back but the player is allowed to choose the type of cargo he wants to source. A single type of cargo stacked up produces increased profit. All the missions involve air vehicles such as airplanes and helicopters. Additionally, the hangar also serves as a place to store and customize airplanes. This is the more important feature to most people as the business side of the Hangar is not very solo friendly. It requires more players to maximize profits and not many players can have another player to play with them at their comfort.

GTA Online Active and Passive Businesses Explained 11

Passive Business:

These businesses work differently when compared to Active businesses. They don’t need constant work of sourcing crates or supplying the warehouse every often to earn a profit. They work differently. They need supplies that can be stolen or bought for a sum($75000). After these supplies are fed to the business, they produce the supplies on their own over a period of time. During this time, the player can do anything he pleases. He can set up and finish a heist, play races, adversary modes, go idle and just watch the television in the apartment or ironically, do the active businesses. After the businesses have finished producing and turned the product into supplies, the player can sell this product for a profit. They don’t require any missions to do when the supplies are bought and straightforward missions when the supplies are stolen. Buying supplies gives the business maximum supplies while the player needs to do 3-4 missions to fully resupply if he plans to steal supplies for the business. The business can be upgraded to increase the profits gained and reduce the time taken to produce the product. There are 3 passive businesses in GTA Online:

Motorcycle Club businesses: These are the Coke, Meth, Weed, Counterfeit Cash, and Document Forgery Businesses. These work the same way as mentioned above where players need to supply it, let it make its product and come back and sell the product. The only difference between them is the investment needed to set them up and the profit earned from each. The more product in the MC businesses, the more players you need to sell it as there will be multiple delivery vehicles.

GTA Online Active and Passive Businesses Explained 12

Bunker Business: This business works the same way as the Motorcycle Club Business but produces more profit in lesser time. However, the bunker also has a research feature that is not used to earn money but is used to unlock new powerful weapons and players that the player can use.

GTA Online Active and Passive Businesses Explained 13

Nightclub Business: This business works differently than the other 2 passive businesses. This business does not need any supplies and always keeps producing product free of stock. The profit earned, however, depends on the number of other active or passive businesses the player has. These businesses need to be linked with the Nightclub to earn money. A huge plus point that the nightclub has and the other passive businesses do not have is that no matter the product, it is always one delivery vehicle so the nightclub business is extremely solo friendly.

GTA Online Active and Passive Businesses Explained 14

These were the different active and passive businesses in GTA Online. For maximum profit, it is recommended that players do an active business with a passive business producing in the background, along with the nightclub active at all times.

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