Guardian in Minecraft: Location, Attacks and more!

Guardian in Minecraft is a spikey fish which is a dangerous aquatic mob that can shoot lasers and harm the players with its spikey body. Here is all the features for this mob.

Guardian in Minecraft
Guardian in Minecraft: All you need to know
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Minecraft has a ton of mobs that the players can encounter during their adventures and some are hostile towards the players. In this article we take a look at the Guardian in Minecraft and all its features.

Minecraft has many underwater mobs that the players can encounter in the vast oceans and small rivers. Many mobs are friendly in the waters like axolotls and dolphins, but many are also hostile. The Guardians are one such examples and we take a look at all its features.

Down below we take a look at the Guardian in Minecraft.

Guardian in Minecraft

Guardian in Minecraft
Guardian in Minecraft

The Guardian is a thorny big fish with a blob like upper body and are the guardians of Ocean Monuments. They are hostile towards players and attack on sight.

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Guardians are found near Ocean Monuments spawning in water. They will mainly spawn near these structures to guard them.

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Guardians will swim around in the water and attack random aquatic mobs that get near them. They mainly attack players, squids and glow squids. They have one eye that stares to its target. They swim with their spikes retracted which come back when they stop.

Guardians are also attracted towards light and move towards them and conduits. However, they are hurt by Conduits if they go too close.


Guardian in Minecraft
Guardian in Minecraft

The Guardian attacks the players in two ways.

They either shoot lasers when far away from the players. The laser shoots in 2 seconds intervals and charges up eventually dealing 6 hearts damage. This laser pierces armor. However, if the players swim too close then the guardian stop charging and swim away.

The Guardians have spikey defences that cover its whole body. When players go too close to melee attack, then the spikes extend and hurt the player.


Guardian in Minecraft
Guardian in Minecraft
  • Guardians in Minecraft drop 0-2 prismarine shards.
  • They also have a 40% chance of dropping raw cod.
  • They also drop prismarine crystals.
  • They also drop a random fish.
  • They also drop 10 EXP orbs when killed.

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