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Wrestling : India won 3 medals on day 2

Wrestling : India won 3 medals on day 2 2

Divya lost her semifinal match

Divya lost by 12-2. Everything she tried went against her. She did not want to defend in second half and looked a bit impatient. That just cost her the match. She will now play for bronze

And the Chinese gets better of poor judgement by Divya and leads 8-2. Divya was too eager to attack. Just one minute now. She has to do something fast.

Divya is too quick but somehow Feng scored and she is now leading 4-2 over Divya

Feng tries to attack but Divya just grabbed her legs. Now again in the center of the mat and its half time Divya leads 2-0

Now both have slowed own the pace. Waiting for another to attack.

The Chinese looks to attack straight away but Divya is superb with her defense and counter attack. She leads 2-0 now.

Divya Kakran vs Feng Zhou semifinal match is next.

Anshu reaches final

Anshu is too good and attach straight forward. Burkhart has now answer. Anshu wins by 10-0. Just over one minute and its all over. Anshu is in finals. She has outplayed World Champions today.

Sajan lost to Basar in semis

Sajan looks to attack more but not working in his favor as now he trails 8-2. And match is over Sajan lost to Basar by 10-2.

He looks fine now and its half time. Sajan trails 5-2

He almost landed on his back but somehow managed to save himself. Turkish get 3 more points and leads 5-2. In this process Basar has injured himself and Sajan is given a warning.

Sajan is facing Y.Basar of Turky in 77kg semifinal. He is trailing 0-2 in first minute. Now a good tackle from Sajan but no point awarded and decision is challenged. He won the challenge and score are level now 2-2.

Gurpreet into the finals of 82kg

Gurpreet defeated John Walter Stafnowicz in semifinal bout by 5-0. He proved too strong for the American and dominated throughout the match.

Divya into semis

Divya Kakran completely outplayed the German. Her attack and defense both were so good. She won her quarterfinal by 8-4. German triad a lot to score but Divya counter attack and defense didn’t allow her to score.

Tough luck for Kiran

It was a close match In 76kg qualification won against Aline De Silva of Brazil. Kiran lost to Epp Maee in close encounter in her 1/8 match. Scores were tied by 1-1 but Epp wins as she scored the last point.

Sonam had a bad day

Sonam Malik in action against Kilty of USA and lost in 1 minutes. Kilty got her legs and scored 10 points on the trot to win the match in 50 seconds.

Anshu pre- quarter Match

Only 1 minute to go Canadian is on mat again and Anshu scores another two points and leads 8-3. More points as she wins it by 10-4. She has defeated the world champion here. What A match.

Now Anshu has extended her lead to 6-3 has she attacked her.

Lucky for Anshu that the halftime bell rang otherwise she would be in trouble. She leads 4-3 now as Morais scored another before half time.

But Canadian scores a point as she tackled Anshu out of mat. Anshu looks more active and stronger here she put her on mat and now leads 4-1.

Anshu is up against Canadian L.Morais in pre-quarter match. Both looks attacking but Anshu scored first two points as she tackled her down.

Gurpreet in 82kg and Sajan in 77kg of Greco Roman

Gurpreet will face Dmytro Gardubei of Ukraine in quarterfinal match in 82kg Greco Roman. Sajan in 77kg quarterfinal will face Chinese Ridong Zhang.

Gurpreet Singh defeated Florian Neumaier in qulifying match of 82kg by 7-0. He was brilliant today in his match and gave no chance to score to Florian.

In 76kg qualification Kiran is up against Aline De Silva of Brazil. She was leading by 2-1 after 2 minutes. She defeated the Brazilian and moves to next round.

Good defence by Sajan and he won the match by 8-0. He was too superior over him and gave no chance.

He started the second half with 2 points and is now leading by 5-0. Italian is trying to score but Sajan is tackling him well and take him under again. Now he leads by 7-0

In Greco Roman Sajan is up against L.Dariozzi. He scored the first point within a minute. Now another point for him as he tackled the Italian outside the ring. He is leading by 3-0 and first three minutes are over.

Anshu start India’s day with a win as she defeated Maria by technical superiority. The Spanish has no answer for Anshu’s attack and lost within 2 minutes of the match.

In today’s schedule we have 2 Greco Roman events and four women wrestling events coming up.

In Greco Roman, Gurpreet Singh will face Florian Neumaier in qulifying match of 82kg. While in 77kg category, Sajan will face tough challenge from Italian Luca Dariozzi in 1/8 final.

In women’s wrestling we have four matches coming up. In 57kg qualification Anshu will face Maria Victoria of Spain. In 76kg qualification Kiran will be up against Aline De Silva of Brazil. Sonam Malik will play her 62kg round of 16 match against Macey Allen Kilty of USA. While Divya Kakran will face Luz Kalra of Argentina in her 68kg category.

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