“Guys yesterday was the worst day of my life, it was the worst performance of my life,” Rodolfo Vieira BJJ world champion reflects on his loss at UFC 258

Multiple times BJJ world champion Rodolfo Vieira shares his feeling about submission loss against Anthony Hernandez at UFC 258.

Rodolfo Vieira - FirstSportz
Rodolfo Vieira

The UFC Middleweight fighter Anthony Hernandez produced a major upset against the multiple times IBJJF World champion Rodolfo Vieira that too by submission. Vieira was the betting favorite in this fight and Hernandez was a huge underdog.

That difference was this much that Hernandez has betting odds of +3000 in his favor for submission victory and he did the same unbelievable task. When Hernandez won this fight via submission no one believed it happened.

With this Rodolfo Vieira faced the first loss of his MMA carrier. After the fight, he shared his pain with his Instagram post which says, “Guys yesterday was the worst day of my life, It was the worst performance of my life, it was my son’s first time watching me, despite being a baby and not understanding anything.”

“That, on the one hand, was even good to not see the beating that his father took and still be finished !! LOL. It was also the first time I fight after my Grandmother passed away, she who was one of my biggest fans and watched all my fights, I really wanted to be victorious and dedicate it to them!”

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Rodolfo Vieira’s Instagram Post

“Unfortunately, not everything goes as we want, I’m still not understanding why I got so tired in the first round, I had some mistakes that I already know which ones, that will certainly be fixed, but really getting tired of the way I got tired.”

“I still haven’t I managed to understand! I had a great camp, I had the best weight cut to date, everything was fine … But I have to congratulate Anthony on his big win and I really hope he won the 50 thousand dollars of performance of the night.” translated from Portuguese.

After this win Hernandez also won the performance of the night bonus and the guy with 63 submission wins in his BJJ carrier, Rodolfo Vieira can do nothing rather than feeling sad about it.

Anthony Hernandez ignored the advice of coaches

Anthony Hernandez Rodlofo Vieira - FirstSportz
Anthony Hernandez and Rodolfo Vieira

Stepping inside the cage against BJJ world champion and taking the fight to the ground is a really brave task and Anthony Hernandez passed with flying colors in this. In the post-fight interview, he speaks about the same,

Hernandez says, “Many of the coaches said me not to try to submit Rodolfo Vieira, that can be the biggest mistake for me but I ignored their advice and submitted him. I’m glad I did that”.

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