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10 gymnastics myths that were debunked by Simone Biles

The Ohio native Simone Biles won as many as four gold and a bronze medal a the 2016 Rio Olympics, followed by a couple more at the Tokyo 2020.

Simone Biles with medal at Rio Olympic Games

USA’s Simone Biles has recently debunked every myth she came across about gymnastics. The top gymnast took to Instagram and called out the most popular rumours and assumptions she hears about this artistic sport. Biles began while beginning her statements down into three categories: Sport, Lifestyle, and Physique.

The Olympics champion commenced with a reply to those who say: Gymnastics is not a sport: “I hear this a lot, but I feel like every four years, everybody tunes in to watch gymnastics. So it’s gotta be a sport at least,” Biles said. She further dived deep into the specifics of her training schedule, reckoning that she is working just as hard as any other competitive athlete. “Right now I train 32 to 34 hours a week just to compete for about three or four minutes.”

Simone also shed light on a general thought about the supposed “short career” of a gymnast. “That’s not technically true because we can do it whenever.”

“Can gymnasts be afraid of heights?” – Simone Biles answers

Simone Biles

The gymnasts come across another common assumption that you have to be well off due to the expensive outfits and competition fees to get into this sport. On this, Biles explained: “It actually is a very expensive sport and it has to do with its being year long. We don’t have a season and then we can take a break. And you kind of have to train your whole life for it. So yes, it does get to be expensive.”

She also talked about some of the frequently asked questions on what all is on the minds every time we watch gymnasts compete? Or can gymnasts be afraid of heights?

“You actually can, but it doesn’t affect you in the gym when you’re flipping, because you don’t notice how high you are.” Lastly, she opined on the rumour-cum-theory that gymnastics will stunt your growth.

“Still don’t know if that’s true or not, but here I am at four-foot-eight, so possibly,” Simone Biles ended her fun interaction with Glamour.

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