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VIRAL – Olga Korbut’s banned ‘dead loop’ video takes netizens by storm

Olga Korbut won four medals (three gold and one silver) in various gymnastics events at the 1976 Munich Olympics.

Olga Korbut

Legendary gymnast Olga Korbut, who competed for the Soviet Union had carved a niche in the sport during her active years. She was full of incredible talent and skills that showcased time and again, especially at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.

Meanwhile, a video of her performing the infamous ‘dead loop’, which is also known as the Korbut flip, took the Internet by storm on Sunday, shared by a Twitter user @rogueprocess_. Soon, the video went viral on the net like crazy wildfire and many netizens even started talking about the same.

Here’s the full video of Olga Korbut’s loop:

For those who don’t know, the ‘dead loop’ or the Korbut flip was banned because there was a high level of risk involved, as reported by The NY Daily News. It was performed by standing on a high bar, executing a backflip, and grasping the bar once more. 

Korbut, who represented the erstwhile Soviet Union at the 1972 Munich Games, was the first and the last one to perform that stunt. The Belarus native gymnast was a star at that event where her acrobatics and open high-level gymnastics brought her much fame and adoration.

Where is Olga Korbut now?

Olga Korbut

The 66-year-old is currently retired and living a healthy life in Scottsdale, Arizona. Back in 2017, she sold off the medals she had won at an auction.

There were even rumours that the four-time Olympics gold medal winner was broke. However, auctioneer Elon Werner dismissed these claims, saying: “She’s fine financially. She just wants to pass on the medals to people that will enjoy them, celebrate her accomplishments, things like that.”

Meanwhile, speaking to the Associated Press, Olga had said: “This is Olympic history and I would like to share it with the whole world. They helped to make it history and make it live forever. This is how I wanted to share with the people.”

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