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Red Bull pinpoint the edge they have over competitors, Mercedes and Ferrari

Hannah Schmitz explains how data helps them race and titles.

Red Bull is again fighting for the championship in 2022 and they are under pressure, the regaining champions, but Hannah Schmitz, Red Bull strategist knows what will put them on the top this year. But it’s nothing of rocket science but the data they collect every race.

Red bull is currently second on the table with 151 points, they are fighting Ferrari, their old rivals. Ferrari is currently P1 on the championship table with 157 points not much ahead of Red Bull. The form the Blue team got from its driver Max and Perez in the last two races has got them in the fight with the Red team.

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Hannah is one of those who sit in the Red Bull pit stop at every Grand Prix to check all the data they receive from the cars to predict the tyre strategy for the drivers. Data helps them to get close to their rivals and determines when to pit stop and how to close to victory.

What difference does Data make to all teams?

Every team has the same access to the data, but the difference comes when it is used correctly. Hannah explains the data usage that leads them to victories.

“Everybody has the same access to the same data, but it’s what you do with that data that gives you the edge,” Schmitz explains in a blog on Oracle Connect

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Data with experience and teamwork all together leads a team to World Championship explains Schmitz. “And then it’s also about the people and the experience. All of that together is what gives you the edge and helps you be a championship-winning team.”

Hannah also encourages women to join motorsport, according to her there should be diversity in the sport leading to no dominance regarding gender and background. 

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