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“He doesn’t flinch,” Tyrann Matthew offers massive praise for Joe Burrow likening him to Tom Brady

Former Kansas City Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu had great things to say about Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow.

Cincinnati Bengals’ Joe Burrow has established himself as one of the best quarterbacks going around in the NFL with exceptional performances throughout the past couple of seasons. His individual brilliance was one of the main reasons the Bengals reached the Super Bowl last year after a hiatus of 33 years.

Former Kansas City Chiefs’ safety Tyrann Matthew watched all of that and offered high praise for the up and coming young quarterback. Mathieu has faced off against Joe Burrow and knows the danger he can bring to any side he’s playing against.

Joe Burrow earned Cincinnati Bengals a Super Bowl apperance last season in only his first full season

Joe Burrow

Mathieu who is currently a free agent made a massive remark that he already sees shades of the NFL GOAT, Tom Brady in Joe Burrow’s early performances. He also predicted that like Brady, Burrow will also have a long career ahead of him because of the presence of what he called championship composure.

Tyrann Mathieu said of Burrow, “I knew his mental makeup, but to be on the field with him and experience it in real time, it makes you experience it more. He doesn’t flinch.

Joe Burrow with the National Championship trophy

“You gotta remember, both of the times we played them we were up. The first time we played them we were up 21-7. Then the second time we played them we were up 21-3. That’s championship composure,” during his appearance on the Jordy Culotta Show.

“When you piece together the mental and smarts of the game, he will be doing that for a long time. I see a lot of (Tom) Brady in him,” Tyrann Mathieu finished off in his praise of Bengal’s QB Burrow.

Joe Burrow will look forward to have another successful season with the Cincinnati Bengals this season and will hope he can bridge that gap to earn himself a first Super Bowl ring.

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