‘He will knock Askren out, in a round or two… But one day, he’ll get flattened’ – Eddie Hearn’s take on Jake Paul’s boxing career

Jake Paul is scheduled to take on Ben Askren on the 17th of April, in an eight round boxing match.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is riding the high horse right now. After making his pro-boxing debut, against fellow YouTuber AnesonGib, knocking him out in the first round, he then took on ex-basketballer Nate Robinson, who met with the same fate as well. Jake Paul, now 2-0 up in his boxing career, is scheduled to take on former UFC fighter Ben Askren on the 17th of April, later this year. The match will be an eight-round pro-boxing match, which marks the pro-boxing debut of Ben Askren.

Speaking about this in an interview with iFL TV, Matchroom Boxing CEO and Anthony Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn, revealed that Jake Paul would knock out Ben Askren in a round or two. However, he added that Jake Paul would get ‘flattened’ one day eventually, when he becomes ‘overconfident’ and takes on a real boxer.

That’s when he’ll become a meme

Eddie Hearn was quoted as saying, “He will knock Askren out, in a round or two. But one day, he’ll get flattened and you’ll love watching it. But you know the fight where you think he might get flattened? It’s going to be a big fight. You know when he takes that jump too far and he starts really rating himself a fighter, and goes, ‘You know what? I’m ready, give me a pro fighter.’ That’s when he’s going to get flattened. He says he wants to make KSI look like a meme or whatever. That’s when he’ll become a meme.

However Eddie Hearn also revealed that Jake Paul does have some skills. He said, “But he don’t have that experience. He’s better than some fighters I’ve seen, for sure. But when he steps up against a boxer, he’s going to get beat. He will, but I’m not saying he can’t fight because I’ve seen him spar and I know he’s game.

What are your thoughts on this? Can Jake Paul defy all odds and go on to beat pro-boxers?

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