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Head coach Patrick presumes Serena is ‘close to’ her holy grail

Serena Williams is ranked World No.9 at the moment. She and her elder sister Venus Williams have set unbelievable life achievements so far. It is predicted that in the near future, no other active women on the tour can surpass their achievements.


The French-Greek Head coach, Patrick Mouratoglou believes that she is just one step away from her goals and in no time she’ll achieve them.

“She had a baby, she was 37 years old when it happened, and it’s such a transformation for a woman both physically and I think also emotionally and mentally,” Patrick Mouratoglou shared with JR SportBrief.


After her pregnancy, she worked out so hard to get back into shape as her coach motivated and gave her the strength to get back into the game.

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Patrick reveals the reasons for her poor performance in Wimbledon 2019 Finals. He believed Serena was not completely herself while playing the match. He feels she’ll soon pull it off. “I’ve been so impressed because you have no idea about how much effort she put there. She wants to get that record. It’s on the line. She feels she can do it,” he added.

“She’s been close because she’s reached the last three years four Grand Slam finals. Something is missing even though she’s close. When you reach the final, you’re just one match away from achieving your goal”- Patrick said after the 2019 finals.

Presently due to the outbreak of the pandemic, Serena is training in the US and Mouratoglou is staying in France. Both contact virtually and are still keeping up with the training.

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