Head to head competition between the tennis trio, Nadal and Djokovic inching closer to Federer GS tally

Since 2019, the race between the tennis trio, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic has been turning out really intriguing.


In terms of Major Count, both Nadal and Djokovic are getting closer and closer to their arch-rival Roger Federer. Tennis expert and coach Toni Nadal speaks Federer’s ultimate record of 20 Grand Slams will break soon.

Toni Nadal told La Gazzetta Dello Sport, “I think that both Nadal and Djokovic can beat Federer in Grand Slams titles. Federer, things are against him because he is older than his rivals and has it more complicated.”

Roger’s age factor and astute skills of Rafa and Novak will stop him from winning his 21st Slam. Also the last eight Grand Slams have been exchanged by Djokovic and Nadal.


The Swiss Maestro, Roger Federer is yet to defeat both Djokovic and Nadal in the Slam and then attain a Major Title, whereas ‘Djodal’ pair has defeated the other two members of ‘big three’ and claimed their Major titles.

“Age is in their favour, although their are young people who are gaining experience and who are increasingly dangerous. Rafael won Paris, he would equal the 20 titles from Federer. We will see.”

On the ATP tour, provided the Spaniard remains injury-free, uncle Toni believes 34 year old Nadal can flourish for a few more years. “If the injuries do not appear, I think my nephew still has three or four years left to continue competing for important things in tennis,” he added.

As for 33 year old Djokovic, he is two or three Slams away from catching Nadal and Federer respectively, after lifting up his 17th Slam in Melbourne.
Also his peerless dominance and form would aid him to win a few more Major titles.


As the French Open tour this year was suspended aimed the coronavirus pandemic Rafa’s 13th crown in Paris has been put on hold as the tennis world anticipated Nadal to catch Federer’s Major Tally.