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Health Benefits of Almonds

Whether consumed whole, chopped, sliced, or ground into almond flour or almond butter, this deliciously satisfying nut truly deserves its superfood status.

Health Benefits of Almonds

We have always been told to eat almonds to sharpen our memory, however, apart from that, there are a lot of other health benefits of almonds.

Almonds are nutrient powerhouses. These are said to be one of the world’s most loved tree nuts that are highly nutritious and filled with fats, antioxidants including vitamins and minerals.

Whether consumed whole, chopped, sliced, or ground into almond flour or almond butter, this deliciously satisfying nut truly deserves its superfood status.

Whether you may be relishing an ice cream with almond toppings or having a glass of almond milk, you name it and this nut is a major satisfies to your taste buds and this also helps in a healthy diet.

Let’s take a peek into what are its various health benefits and this can benefit you in the long-run.

  • Almonds are rich in proteins, fiber, and nutrients.
  • These can reduce your risk of cholesterol and regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Almonds are not a nut, instead, it is a seed of a fruit.
  • It can be stored in a refrigerator for 2 years and this is because of its high content of vitamin E.
  • It is even considered as major brain food for children.

Here are some scientifically proven health benefits of almonds and their usages,

1. Healthy Brain Function

These are one of the most appreciated brain foods due to their high content in riboflavin and L-carnitine. 

These two substances prevent cognitive decline and support healthy neurological activity, reducing the inflammatory processes in the brain.

One major chemical that helps the brain in cognitive function is ‘phenylalanine’ and almonds do have this chemical in them.

Consuming just five pieces of almonds every morning can help you boost your brain power.

2. Good for your Heart

These are packed with healthy fatty acids, called monounsaturated acids or MUFA, which pair with antioxidants, also found in high amounts in almonds, to protect your heart and the entire cardiovascular system.

The nuts have been shown to maintain or increase “good” heart protective HDL cholesterol, while lowering “bad” LDL levels.

Regular consumption of almonds promotes healthy artery walls, as it prevents the buildup of plaque, which can clog the arteries and prevent the blood from flowing.

This is why almonds are also a great supplement for those who suffer from high blood pressure.

3. Skin Health

Almonds are a great source of vitamin E and antioxidants, which fight free radicals and reduce inflammation, preserving your skin healthy and young.

Almonds contain flavonoid that is similarly found in green tea and broccoli.

This component nourishes your skin and is an anti-ageing property for your skin.

4. Prevent Weight Gain

Almonds contain high amounts of fats and fibres, which promote weight loss.

Snacking on almonds will keep you energized for the day, as they are high in calories.

They also help you control your blood sugar, as we’ve seen, so you won’t be at risk of experiencing a roller coaster of glucose raise and drops.

5. Digestive System Health

Almond skin contains probiotic compounds which support the health of the digestive system. 

Your digestive system has a number of good bacteria which helps it digest food and turn it into nutritional elements.

Without the bacteria, the digestive system can stumble upon a number of problems and you may develop a wide array of ailments.

Almonds prevent this, as they improve the number of good bacteria in your system, preventing ailments and nutritional deficiencies.

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