“He’ll fight Conor to the best of his ability. I don’t know if he’ll win. But he will fight him hard,” Daniel Cormier comments on Dustin Poirier

Daniel Cormier respects Dustin Poirier he believes no matter what, he is going to fight as hard as he can.


Conor McGregor is going to fight Dustin Poirier in a long-awaited rematch and before the rematch, the former light-heavyweight and heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier praised Dustin Poirier for his will, he said

“Dustin Poirier doesn’t feel happy to be here, “I saw Al Iaquinta say something like that a while back, ‘Dustin is showing too much respect.’ But that kid, man. That kid is from Lafayette, Louisiana, and he is a dog. He’s going to fight with all of his heart.”

“He might not win all the time, but you watch Dustin fight, he’s a nasty son of a gun, dude. And he wants to fight and he shows up. He’ll fight Conor to the best of his ability. I don’t know if he’ll win. But he will fight him hard. He’ll fight him as hard as he can.”

Daniel Cormier feels the pressure of a McGregor fight is too much to handle

Daniel Cormier

It is well known that Conor fight is a money fight and it is certainly going to be a big fight for everyone involved, and more often than not the pressure of being in such a big fight gets to them.

The former light-heavyweight and heavy weight champion Daniel Cormier thinks the pressure of being in the Octagon with the Irish star fizzles the excitement out of even the bests in UFC 257 pre fight conference he said

“The guys that Conor (is) fighting, no one thinks, ‘I got the Conor fight and I’m good. Those guys are way too good. Because ultimately, he’s fighting the best of the best.”

“The reality is, Donald Cerrone of the old would never have lost to Conor McGregor in (40) seconds. There was a time when Donald Cerrone said he was too small to fight at lightweight. He beat him up at welterweight. Even for a longtime veteran like ‘Cowboy’, the appeal of Conor McGregor got to him.”

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