Subway Surfers Key Hack: Here is the Trick to Hack 9999999 Gold Coins and Keys for Subway Surfers Game in 2020

Here are the steps and trick to hack 9999999 keys and gold coins of Subway Surfers so as to gain a huge advantage to boost your score.


Subway Surfers is an entertaining and Fun game on Android. It was a very popular game when it was released, every smartphone and Tablet users had this game downloaded to their devices. When there were no Battle Royale games people played this game more. This game is all about running as long as you can from the police and a dog who keeps following you. During the Run you get many obstacles to pass by like Hurdles, trains, Trains that are Moving towards you.

You also get many advantages like Coin Magnet, a key, gold coins, and high Jump sneakers, and more. But this game is only survival until your successful in crossing the obstacles. Once you get out you will have an option to revive yourself using a key.

So many players who are on the edge of a record or who are aiming for a high score in the game get out soon. Use these keys to revive themselves and continue the run. This is why Subway Surfers Key Hack is useful.

Coins are used to upgrade and buy characters and other helpful tools in the store. These Gold coins can be collected in-game during the run. The Keys are found very rarely in-game and many players sometimes need these keys at a very crucial time. So we will discuss how to hack 9999999 Gold coins and Keys in Subway Surfers.

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Subway Surfers Key Hack: Here is the Trick to hack 9999999 Gold Coins and Diamonds in Subway Surfers:

Subway surfers1 1 - FirstSportz
  1. Visit the osmdroid website that provides Apk for Hacking keys and Gold coins. Click here to visit the website.
  2. Choose the Version of Subway surfer you have. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and choose Link 2.
  3. Later Download the Apk config file to your device.
  4. Now just go to the game and check the Keys and Diamonds. It will be added to your game automatically.

Using this keys and Gold coins now you can unlock all characters, Hoverboards, and character outfits. This is How we hack 9999999 subway surfers keys and gold coins.

Note: This is an onerous method so be careful before downloading.

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