Hero ISL Match 78 : Chennaiyin FC 0-0 Bengaluru FC

Hero ISL Match 78, Chennaiyin FC 0-0 Bengaluru FC, a 0-0 draw, was played at the marina arena under the supervision of Crystal John.

The first half started and minute 12 was the point where everybody thought a foul must be given for the harsh tackle on Chennaiyan player but ignored by referee.

Chennaiyan were attacking a lot in the first half whereas Bengaluru was able to nullify all the chances. Few more missed chances by both clubs and we reach the end of first half with nothing much, both teaks tried to test each other but it’s 0-0.

Second half begun with a quick attack from Bengaluru but keeper held the ball.

A few moments later, there was again a moment where penalty could have been awarded but referee again ignored it. A clear blockade by defender which should have been given a foul. The luck was with Chennaiyan FC today.

Finally a clear foul and referee gave a yellow card. Second half was more of Bengaluru’s attacking show as again minute 79 was he moment where the keeper was beaten but the defenders manage to stop the ball from getting into the goal.

Minute 80 was the moment for Chennaiyan as it was a 1v1 situation with the goal keeper and the striker hit the ball past the keeper but unluckily, struck the post and came out. You can’t get more close of scoring and fail in a game.

Finally the game ended with a second yellow and hence a red card to T. Singh of Chennaiyan.

The game ended up in a draw despite of having so many attempts. Taking about stats, Chennaiyan had 54 % of possession with 3/8 shots on target in comparison of 46% possession of Bengaluru with 2/7 shots on target. For the number of passes Chennaiyan completed 316/414 passes whereas Bengaluru had 273/ 372 passes completed.

The next match is between Northeast united and Jamshedpur.