“He’s gonna make people better”: Former NBA champion Channing Frye praises James Harden

Channing Frye believes that James Harden Harden will fit in quite well with the Brooklyn Nets

James Harden

The Brooklyn Nets have officially added James Harden to their roster. Now with the ‘Big 3’ lined up, the Nets are almost flawless. The team is unlike ever seen before. The individual ability of every player surely exceeds what other teams can compete against. All that matters is now whether or not James Harden make himself compatible with the team? Or his rocky relationship issues continue with what he had at the Houston Rockets.

Harden’s difficulty at the Rockets’ was cut loose when he became vocal of the issues there. Now with a whole new franchise, Harden will look to stir up the pot and put up the worth for his trade. James Harden’s recent trade was in headlines and is still trending. Former NBA champion Channing Frye believes that Harden will fit in quite well with the Nets. Their roster seems complete now. He recognized Harden’s ability to fill in for more time on the court and distribute the ball efficiently.

Channing Frye praises James Harden’s efficiency

Channing Frye recently shared what he expects of the Beard. He said, “He gon’ make people better. Right? He’s a willing passer, and I think that’s the biggest part of my emphasis. We joke around and there’s been issue with his conditioning… In Houston, he went about it in a way people didn’t agree with. But the end result is that he’s on the Nets. So right now, he’s just going to play himself into shape.”

The Nets are far from being perfect. The team that they have built will be the best in some years to come. Yet the players and coaches have to adapt to the whole new skill level. After a line-up that has am ankle breaking point guard and a power forward no less than a beast, a lethal sniper seems to just fit in perfect for them. But the concern is all upon if Harden has it well with the new roster group. Previously he seemed quite off when he had teammates like Dwight Howard and Russell Westbrook. Even Chris Paul seemed to be troubled by him. Hopefully, they can tap the playmakers figure and their championship push makes some sense.

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