“He’s the MVP”- Skip Bayless Eulogizes Kevin Durant for his Creditable performance against the Minnesota Timberwolves

Undisputed's Skip Bayless is all praises for Kevin Durant's performance against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

It is not the first time for Skip Bayless to sing the praises of Kevin Durant. Back in the June of this year when the Nets put up a stunning performance against the Milwaukee Bucks in the playoffs Kevin dropped a whopping 49 points. And, Skip Bayless just couldn’t stop the Pandora box of praises.

Undisputed, a show which Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have been hosting since 2016 is known for making blunt remarks especially Bayless. If he doesn’t like it or feels it’s wrong then he won’t shy away from calling you out on air. Sometimes it does what needs to be done but sometimes it’s just derogatory remarks which tend to make things ugly.

Skip Bayless on Kevin Durant- “He’s the MVP”

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Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant acquired an ugly injury while playing in the 2019 NBA Finals for Golden State Warriors. He ruptured his Achilles and took a long break to recuperate. During that time he signed a $164 Million Contract for 4 years with the Brooklyn Nets. He played 35 games with the Nets last season averaging 26.9 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 5.6 assists per game.

This season has been a roller coaster ride for the Nets not only on the court but in the locker room too. Kyrie Irving’s decision of staying unvaccinated made him ineligible to play. His absence not only created a void in the roster but also mentally affected the team. But still, the Nets have kept their head above water.

The Nets faced the Minnesota Timberwolves yesterday. The match was a really close call but the Nets managed to win it by a point differential of 5. Both the teams’ were going head to head through the match but the Nets with James Harden and Kevin Durant possessed a slight edge over the wolves and defeated the wolves by 110-105.

Kevin Durant went on to score yet another 30 points. Durant’s 39 Pointer game may have not taken the Nets to victory when they fought against the Phoenix Suns earlier this week but it sure did this time. Skip Bayless took on Twitter to rejoice at this moment. He not only called Kevin Durant the best player on the planet but also called the Brooklyn Nets the best team in the NBA. He wrote,

“Kevin Durant, at it again in Brooklyn, 30 points including the late clutch dagger. He’s the MVP. No Kyrie. Harden continues to struggle. Nets still have the best record in the East.”

Some fans didn’t quite agree with Bayless’s declaration and didn’t refrain from saying their opinions aloud on Twitter.

Back in October, he posted a similar message for Kevin Durant when the Brooklyn Nets matched up against the Philadelphia 76ers and defeated them by 114-109. Kevin Durant scored 29 points, 15 rebounds, and 12 assists against the Sixers. He tweeted, “KEVIN DURANT PROVES IT AGAIN: HE’S THE BEST PLAYER ON THE PLANET. 29/14/12. 10-10 free throws – a line LeBron only dreams of. KD leads Nets to big win at Philly, even w Harden not yet in shape or sync. Nets: NBA’s best team.”

The Brooklyn Nets are on a two-game win streak with a score of 16-6 and will take on the Chicago Bulls today at the Barclays Centre.

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