Hockey: FIH postpone pro league 2020 till July-August due to corona outbreak


The situation around the world is not good as number of COVID-19 cases worldwide has crossed one million mark. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a Helter skelter around the world all the activities has come to standstill suddenly. We also witnessed the postponement of 2020 Tokyo Olympics for first time in 124 years of history.

International hockey federation has been forced to extend the suspension of FIH Pro League second edition and the plans are it will hold ties in July and August. The FIH first cancelled all the matches till 15 April then it was further extended till 17 may because of the pandemic.

The CEO of FIH said “As a responsible organization, we managed our finance with the utmost care and look at our financial status on a permanent basis. This is even more the case now, obviously. As is already very much discussed around the world, the current COVID-19 pandemic will have consequences on the global economy. Therefore, we absolute take this situation into account when it comes to our current finance management and budget planning, where we apply maximum caution and care.”

Due to this pandemic each and every sport has been affected so Weil said that he had already started to rework on its hockey calendar which has been severely affected by this pandemic. As the dates of Tokyo Olympics helped them to work on hockey calendar for next couple of years.

Indian men’s hockey team is next scheduled to play Germany in Berlin in a two-legged tie.
The Indian men’s hockey team attained an all-time high World No. 4 FIH ranking recently

The number of confirmed cases around the world crossed a million mark on Thursday. In India, more than 2,000 people were infected from the virus till which has so far claimed over 50 lives till Thursday evening.


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