Hockey Player Simranjeet Singh watch’s previous videos to analyse himself


Former Indian Hockey player Simranjeet Singh is trying to analyse himself by watching his previous match videos. As India is under a complete lockdown, Simranjeet is utilising his time to work on himself.

Hockey India’s Official Website quoted Singh as saying, “It surely is a tough time for all of us. We have to stay positive and hope that the situation resolves soon. I have been mostly watching a lot of videos from our previous matches.”

“It has given me a chance to patiently go through the footage and note down key aspects that I need to work on, once we can get back on the pitch. We generally have a busy schedule while we are playing, so this is a good use of time to spend on looking back at our performances and learning from them,” he added.

As the Tokyo Olympics have been postponed and will be held in next year, he said that this time is help all the players to improve their performance.

He said, “It’s disappointing that the Olympics have been postponed to next year. We have been in fantastic rhythm since last year and the team was building up well for the Olympics. But, the well-being of the people is more important than anything else and the best decision has been taken.”

“We should certainly utilise the next year to become an even better side. We will ensure that we work harder and produce great results on the field,” he further added.

Right now, the members of Indian Hockey men’s team are staying at Sports Authority of India (SAI) in Bengaluru due to nationwide lockdown. According to Singh, it is good to staying in the campus and it is helping us to stay fit.

All the training has also been cancelled, so outdoor training is not possible but Singh is focusing on fitness and trying to be more active. “It’s wonderful to be staying at the SAI campus at the moment. We are given fitness schedules by our scientific advisor Robin Arkell and all of us carry out exercises in our rooms,” Singh said.

At last he added, “Maintaining fitness is the key for any sportsperson and therefore we put a lot of emphasis on it.”


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