How long is a Minecraft Day: Minecraft Day night cycle!

Players may often think "How long is a Minecraft Day?" and for them we have answered this question in detailed but simple terms!

How long is a Minecraft Day
How long is a Minecraft Day?

Minecraft has many features that the players need to know before getting into the game. One of them is the Minecraft Day-Night cycle and we take a look at how long is a Minecraft Day!

Minecraft has a day and night phase complete with a dawn and dusk time in the game. The day is marked by the rising square sun in the sky from the east and similarly during dusk, the moon start to rise from the east and night comes.

We take a look at how long is a Minecraft day because players would like to be aware of the night, because of the monster spawns.

How long is a Minecraft Day?

How long is a Minecraft Day
Minecraft Day Night cycle

Minecraft has a very simple day night cycle that dictates the flow of the time in the game. The tracking of the time can be complicated for a new player and thus we simplify it!

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The time in Minecraft is exactly 72 times faster than the time in real world. This means that the daylight cycle in Minecraft is approximately a 20 minute long cycle. After 20 minutes the sun will set and dusk will arrive followed by night.

1 second in real time is approximately 1 minute and 12 seconds in Minecraft time. Which gets us at 20 minutes in real time for a whole Minecraft day. Likewise, one whole week in Minecraft is equal to only 2.3 hours in real time.


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Minecraft Daytime start is marked with the rise of the blocky sun rising in the east of the world and the sky turning blue progressively.

Many monsters start burning due to sunlight and do not attack players.


How long is a Minecraft Day

The sky gradually darkens and slowly becomes orange and red before the sun completely sets and leaving the sky in complete darkness and with a white moon.

Night time

How long is a Minecraft Day

During Night time the sky is complete black with a moon and stars. The light level in the world reaches 4 and monsters start spawning.


How long is a Minecraft Day

During this time the moon will slowly set in the west and the sun will start to rise in the east. The sky will gradually brighten up and be blue.

Players can also easily determine the time in the game by making a Clock. Click here to know to make one easily!


How long is a Minecraft day?

1 Minecraft day is approximately 20 minutes in real world time.

How long is 100 days in Minecraft?

100 days in Minecraft is approximately 33 hours in real time.

How long is a Minecraft week (7days)?

A week in Minecraft is approximately 2.3 hours in real world time.

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