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How to bribe the police in GTA 5

Cops in GTA 5 can be bribed when the player is a CEO for 3 minutes.

GTA 5 is essentially a realistic crime simulator where the player often finds himself/herself partaking in activities such as drug/weapon smuggling, car boosting and transporting illicit cargo to name a few. It is only natural to receive a wanted level during such activities. However, these cops can be bribed to get rid of them. This article shows the steps to bribe the police in GTA 5.

How to bribe the police in GTA 5 3

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How to bribe the police in GTA 5:

How to bribe the police in GTA 5 4

Step 1: Open the interaction menu using ‘M’ on the PC, ‘view’ on the Xbox One and the touchpad on the PS4.

Step 2: Select the ‘Securoserv’ option.

Step 3: Select the ‘Register as CEO‘ option.

Step 4: Open the interaction menu again.

Step 5: Select the ‘Securoserv CEO’ option.

Step 6: Navigate to the ‘CEO Abilities’ option and select it.

Step 7: Select the ‘Bribe Authorities’ option. This deducts $15,000.

Step 8: The player will now not receive a wanted level for 3 minutes. There is also a cooldown of 15 minutes after using this option.

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