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Free Fire brings up exciting events and updates on a timely basis. This time the battle royal game is back with the Cobra Ascension Event. The event includes the legendary Cobra Rage Bundle. The wait for the bundle is finally over, now players can finally claim the Cobra Rage Bundle from the Cobra Ascension Event. Take a look at how you can stand a chance to own one of the most exclusive costumes in Free Fire.

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Cobra Ascension Event and its rewards: All you need to know

rage bundle - FirstSportz

The Cobra Rage bundle has finally made its way to the game. This bundle was introduced to the players as a part of the seasonal event called ‘Project Cobra‘. Players got to catch a glimpse of the bundle through the game loading interface. Gamers can find this event under the luck royale section. This special event is fully based on the luck of the players.

There are two spin options available to the users- 1 Spin and 5 Spins. A single spin will cost 20 diamonds while the 5 Spins will cost 90 diamonds. Special tokens (Legendary Cobra Eggs) have to be obtained to redeem the prizes in the event. Items other than the tokens will be directly sent to the Royale backpack, where players can exchange three items for a single spin. Following is the list of tokens required to claim exclusive rewards in the game:

Tokens (Legendary Cobra Egg)Prizes
x1Cobra Flash Banner
x2Cobra Flash Avatar
x3AK-47 Legendary Cobra
x4Exclusive Cobra Fist
x5Cobra Rage Bundle
cobra fist - FirstSportz
Cobra Fist

The event duration is from 27th February 2021 to 8th March 2021. So make sure that you do not miss this chance to win the exclusive Cobra Fist and costume. This was all about how to claim the Cobra Rage Bundle from the Cobra Ascension Event.

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