How to obtain the One Finger Pushup emote in Free Fire for free: Explained

To celebrate the Holi Festival, Free Fire has launched a new event called Restore the event where players have the chance to claim an exclusive emote for free.

One Finger pushup emote
How to obtain One finger pushup emote in Free Fire

Free Fire is a popular battle royale game that includes many in-game attractions. Emotes are one such attraction that can be purchased and used in the game. One Finger Pushup emote is the latest addition to the list of emotes. Moreover, Garena is giving this emote to the players at no cost. Here’s how you can claim the emote for free and add this to your collections.

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One Finger Pushup Emote from Restore the Colours Event

restore the colours - FirstSportz
Restore the Colors Event

The Holi festival is just days away and to celebrate the festival, Free Fire has introduced a list of events to the players. Restore the Colours is one such interesting event brought to the game. This event offers the players to claim the exclusive One Finger Pushup Emote for free. Players must follow these simple steps to win the emote:

1. To be eligible for the event, Players must first defeat the demoness in the ‘Fight for Colors’.

2. Once the demoness is defeated, players must start collecting the ‘Pallete‘ tokens which are given as after match drop to all the players.

3. Players can use these tokens to spin by clicking on ‘Reveal the Colors’. This will navigate the players to a screen where they can select the number of pallets tokens to be exchanged.

4. Players will receive random colors on the spin. To claim the emote, players are required to collect a total of 10 colors. Also, the colors are repetitive and players will keep receiving duplicates of the colors they have already received.

Rules Restore the Colors - FirstSportz
Share Extra Colors with friends

5. The extra tokens can be shared with your friends as well. This can be done by clicking on ‘Share Colors‘.

The event began on 22nd March 2021 and will come to an end on 29th March 2021. So make sure to claim the exclusive one-finger Pushup emote for free. This was all about the details on how to claim the One Finger Pushup emote.

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