Battlegrounds Mobile India: How to clear hot drops in BGMI?

Hot drops in BGMI are excellent to increase your F/D Ratio in BGMI as well as to find a good amount of loot. However, surviving them requires great skills. Here are some tips and tricks that might help you survive the hot drops in BGMI.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: How to clear hot drops in BGMI?
Hot drops in BGMI

As many players are now playing Battlegrounds Mobile India, a competitive atmosphere has been created where everyone wants to survive till the end. There are players who focus on improving their F/D Ratio for which they prefer landing on hot drops in BGMI. This article suggests the methods which might help the players to survive hot drops in any map.

Hot drops in BGMI generally refer to those places which have a good amount of loot for 3-4 squads and where many players land at the same time. Players have to pick up the weapons as soon as they land in these places and start engaging with the enemies. Hot drops provide the best way to increase the F/D Ratio of the players which is the ratio that defines the number of finishes you accumulate in a match. Hot drops are also beneficial for advanced supplies. However, surviving the hot drops in BGMI is not a child’s play. You need to employ some tactics to survive those places.

So, here in this article we will provide you some tips and tricks on surviving hot drops in BGMI.

Tips and tricks to survive hot drops in BGMI

The prominent hot drops in Erangel map are Georgopol, Sosnovka Military Base, Pochinki etc.However, hot drops can change based on the path taken by the aeroplane. Following are the methods to survive them:

1. Know when to land

Battlegrounds Mobile India: How to clear hot drops in BGMI?
Land on time

The first and foremost trick is to land on time. There are several players who jump way before their destination and as a result they are defeated early by the players who reached that place earlier. Try to jump when the distance of the drop is about 750-800 metres away from the flight. Swipe your screen downwards and glide the joystick towards the direction of your drop. In this way, you can land faster.

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2. Pick up high damage weapons

Battlegrounds Mobile India: How to clear hot drops in BGMI?
Use high damage weapons

Landing on a hot drop generally means that you have to engage in close range combats. Hot drops like Pochinki in Erangel or Bootcamp in Sanhok are tightly packed with compartments or houses so you’ve to focus on picking up weapons with high damage. While picking up an AR weapon should be your priority, don’t hesitate while picking up shotguns. Shotguns like S12K render a heavy damage and if you move quickly, shotguns can wipe a whole squad in a close combat.

3. Don’t rush unnecessarily

Battlegrounds Mobile India: How to clear hot drops in BGMI?
Hold & Push

Even if you find a considerable amount of loot, don’t rush blindly. Know the location of the enemy while shooting from the cover like behind a wall or a window. As several players might be camping in the compartments or houses, they can easily defeat you if you’re running in an open area. If you spot an enemy hiding in the building that’s right in front of you. You can flank and defeat the enemy easily.

4. Remember to pick up throwables

Battlegrounds Mobile India: How to clear hot drops in BGMI?
Use throwables

Ask any skilled player and they’ll always advice you to pick up the throwables like frag grenades, molotov cocktail etc. Using them tactfully can prove to be a huge advantage for you. Often it is difficult to defeat a whole squad even if everyone in your team rushes at the same time. These throwables will then act as a lifesaver for you. Hold the grenade for 3 seconds and then throw it towards the enemy’s location. If the grenade knocks out at least 1 enemy, go ahead with your team and defeat the whole squad.

5. Don’t let your guard down

Battlegrounds Mobile India: How to clear hot drops in BGMI?
Keep a track of footsteps

It is very crucial to stay alert in a hotdrop as the enemy might surprise you abruptly. We recommend the players to always use an earphone while playing as they’re extremely helpful in knowing the enemy’s location. Keep track of the enemy’s footsteps from the mini map and also listen to their footsteps carefully. Improving your listening ability will increae your chances of survival the hotdrop.

These are some tips and tricks to survive hot drops in BGMI. It is also important to practice daily as every gameplay requires a different strategy.

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