How to find Amethyst in Minecraft?

The Amethyst in Minecraft is a new geode block that can be used to craft some new and exciting items in the game!

Amethyst in Minecraft
Amethyst in Minecraft (image via.

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update has introduced many new minerals, items and new blocks in the game. Here we take a look at how to find Amethyst in Minecraft effectively!

Amethyst is a new addition to the Minecraft in the Part I update and has opened up new crafting recipes to build new items. This is a block that can give out the new Amethyst mineral upon mining and also follows an unique growing pattern. We discuss some of the important features for this mineral and how players can find it and extract the crystals for use in crafting.

Where to find Amethyst in Minecraft?

Amethyst in Minecraft
Amethyst in Minecraft (image via.

Players can find Amethyst in Minecraft in the Overworld underground and spawn inn small clusters inside caves. One easy way to locate them is to search for a bunch of basalt block, as the underlying block may be Amethyst!

The general spawn range for these geodes are Y level 70 and below.

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Noticeable giveaways

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Smooth Basalt is a dead giveaway to the presence of Amethyst and these can spawn inside oceans and also on beaches. If they spawn near the surface, the Basalt will be a dead giveaway. Players need to dig the Basalt using a Pickaxe and then they will find a layer of Calcite as the second layer. This block is white and only found near Amethyst in Minecraft.

The Third layer comprises of the Amethyst blocks and cluster that can be mined using a pickaxe. However, only a fully grown Amethyst Cluster will provide the players with Amethyst Shards. The inside of the geode is commonly hollow and surrounded by Amethyst on all sides.

Amethyst in Minecraft
Amethyst Clusters (image via.

The Amethyst geode goes through a 4 stage growth process. Players cannot mined the Amethyst geode in the first three stages, and if mined, it drops nothing. However, in the 4th stage, it finally forms the Amethyst Cluster, after which it can be mined. Players can use an Iron Pickaxe or above to mine them!

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