How to get 1000 Free Fire Diamonds for Free Diwali Bonus?

Players can get a 1000 bonus Free Fire Diamonds from the Free Fire Diwali Top up event in the game!

Free Fire Diamonds
Free Fire Diwali Top up

Free Fire diamonds are one of the most important currency in the game which is used in buying a lot of cosmetics and more. Here is how players can get 1000 Free Fire Diamonds for Free Fire Diwali Bonus.

Free Fire Diwali events have lined up for the players to participate in. Among them there is a new top-up event that has a great reward pool for the players. These include diamonds and some bonus diamonds as well upon topping up a significant amount of diamonds.

Here is how to get 1000 Free Fire diamonds for free in the new Free Fire Diwali 100% bonus top up event.

Free Fire Diwali Bonus event: Get 100% Free Fire diamonds

Free Fire Diamonds
Free Fire Diwali Top up

The new event starts from 5th November 2021 and will end on 11th November, 2021. This event focuses on giving diamonds to the players upon topping them up.


Players can get up to a 1000 Free Fire diamonds as a bonus for topping up diamonds from the in-game store. Topping up diamonds is the mot common way of getting them for a great price and it can be done through using real money.

These top-up sites run great discounts and rewards options for the players to get Free Fire diamonds. However, the Free Fire in-game top-up store features a 100% bonus chance of getting diamonds for free!

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The players can follow the below mentioned top-up chart to get almost a 1000 Free Fire diamonds:

  • Top up 100 diamonds: Get 100x bonus diamonds
  • Top up 300 diamonds: Get 200x bonus diamonds
  • Top up 500 diamonds: Get 200x bonus diamonds
  • Top up 1000 diamonds: Get 500x bonus diamonds

Players can get a total of 1000 additional diamonds if topped up from the in-game diamond store.

How to Top up diamonds in Free Fire?

Free Fire Diwali Top up
Free Fire Top up store
  • Players need to open the Free Fire app and then navigate to the diamond icon on the top of the screen.
  • The diamond top up section features a variety top-up options for the players.
  • Players can pay using any option they want and upon topping up diamonds, players will be eligible to get the bonus Free Fire Diamonds!

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