How to get a Diamond Top-up discount in Free Fire?

Diamond top-up discount is available to players on Games Kharido players can get a good discount for diamonds cheaper than in-game top-up.

Free Fire Diamonds

Here is an article to get a Diamond top-up discount for Free Fire diamonds. Free Fire has a wide range of skins, bundles, characters, and pets. Free Fire has attracted a large number of players to the game they are usually known for collaborations where they bring new skins and events. The skins of Free Fire are very elegant so players love to have them. Many players cannot afford to have them as they need to top-up diamonds in-game.

Every game has its own currency like in PUBG its UC, Fortnite is V Bucks akin to them Free Fire named its currency as Diamonds. Free Fire diamonds or currency is very cheap and affordable compared to the other Battle Royale titles. Despite that many players cannot afford it. So Garena brought a platform where players can buy diamonds at a good discount.

Steps to get a Diamond Top-up discount in Free Fire

diamond top-up discount
How to get a Diamond Top-up discount in Free Fire? 2

Step 1: Visit games kharido website. click here to visit Games Kharido

Step 3: Login in through your Free Fire UID or Facebook to get verified.

Step 4: Choose the plan you want to buy.

Step 5: Make the payment through the mode you want to. The payment modes available are, UPI, Net Banking, Credit, and Debit card.

Games Kharido is a trusted website to top-up diamonds in Free Fire. This website is said to be handled by Garena itself. It offers very good discounts on Diamonds and also bonus diamonds. It offers a special Double diamond top-up discount for first time users.

There are many ways to buy Diamonds on many online platforms. But we recommend players to use only in-game top-up or Games Kharido. Games Kharido is also called a Garena Top-up center.

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Here are the plans of Games Kharido for Diamond top-up discount

Free Fire diamonds
Games Kharido
PriceDiamonds + Discounts
4050+50 diamonds
80100+100 Diamonds
240310+ 310 Diamonds
400520+ 520 Diamonds
8001060+1060 Diamonds
16002180+2180 Diamonds 
40005600+5600 Diamonds

“Games Kharido Lite believes in helping its customers as far as possible and has, therefore, a liberal cancellation and refund policy. Most of the services delivered within 6 hours, if it will take more than will be confirmed on your email ID as specified during registration. For any issues in utilizing our services, you may contact our Customer Services.”

Note: The Diamond top-up bonus and discount is available only for First Time users.

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