How to get Apples in Minecraft?

The Apples in Minecraft are a great food source and some ways of getting them in the game are listed below!

Apples in Minecraft
Apples in Minecraft (image via.

There are many foods sources in Minecraft that allows the players to restore their health and hunger points. Here we learn how to get Apples in Minecraft for the purpose of food as well as to craft Golden ones.

Food in Minecraft is a essential because of its healing properties and a renewable source is always preferable. This is why players grow crops in a wide farm to have constant supply of food in their Inventory. Since finding food is not a tough job in Minecraft, there are some items which are special and are better food source in terms of healing and saturation.

Here is how to get Apples in Minecraft from all of its sources.

Apples in Minecraft

Apples in Minecraft
Apples in Minecraft (image via. Sportskeeda)

Apples are small food items that can be treated more as a snack than a complete food source. But it has decent stats and can still save the players time to time if they need healing.

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How to find Apples in Minecraft?

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Apples can be eaten by the players raw and drop from only Oak and Dark Oak tree leaves. This only has a 0.5% chance of happening when the players break or the leaves decay on their own. However, if the leaves are destroyed by fire then it drops nothing.

Players can use a Fortune enchanted tool to break the leaves and this will take up the chances of dropping an Apple to 0.8% with a Fortune III.

Other than that, players can also get them from Chest Loot which are found scattered across the dimensions. Some of the places are Igloo, Strongholds and Villages.

Farmer Villagers also have a 50% chance of selling 4 apples for Emeralds in trading.

Uses for Apples

Apples in Minecraft
Goldn Apples in Minecraft

Apples are mainly the food source that players can eat while holding the use button. Players will see a eating animation and it will restore 4 hunger points and also 2.4 hunger saturation. Other than eating, players can also craft one great food item.

This is the Golden Apple which is one of the best food sources in the game which can give the players various effects! This gives players Absorption and Regeneration effect which can get the player a huge buff while fighting. Players need Gold Ingots and Apple to make a Golden Apple.

It can also be used in Composting to make Bone Meal, which has a 65% chances of raising the level by 1.

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