How to Get Chicken Dinner In PUBG Mobile Solo Without a Single Kill

To earn the Pacifist title, get chicken dinner in PUBG mobile solo without a single kill. Here are some tips and tricks.


PUBG Mobile has a lot of titles which the players must achieve. One of the most common titles is “The pacifist” which is also difficult to attain. Here is the easiest way to get chicken dinner in PUBG mobile solo without a single kill.

How to get the Pacifist Title

Players are excited to get this the Pacifist title because of the level of difficulty. The only way to achieve this title is by playing in solo mode. You have to eliminate all of your enemies and get chicken dinner. What makes it difficult is the fact that you have to win the game without having a single kill.

4 Steps to get chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile Solo without a single kill

The first step is to choose an easy classic map and to make sure that you are in a platinum tier or above in solo mode. The best map to achieve this title in is Sanhok as it is easy to camp and stay hidden from your enemies.

The second step is to loot and focus on gathering smoke bombs, bandages, health packs, energy drinks and painkillers. Do not fill your bag up with ammo, you will need the space to fit in everything mentioned above.

The third step is to survive all the circles till the last circle by camping and keeping away from any enemy activity. You can either take the middle ground after looting so you don’t have to move around the map to avoid getting spotted. Stay out of the safe zone till the end with the help of the medical supplies and boosters.

The last step is to find a good cover in the last circle. Throw in as many smoke bomb as possible to avoid getting seen. Try to keep a vehicle nearby as you can use it for cover by blasting it. Once the last circle starts closing in, you can use all your health utilities to survive.

It is definitely not that easy to attain this title. So, the points mentioned above are the best way to to get chicken dinner in PUBG mobile solo without a single kill.

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