How to get free Diamonds in Free Fire in January 2021

Free Fire is a game that has a currency called Diamonds to buy items in game. How to get free Diamonds in Free Fire for January 2021


Free Fire is a game that has boomed over the last year. The game has seen a huge increase in popularity and has amassed a large fanbase, Free Fire lets users pick from many customisation options. Some of these items can only be acquired using Diamonds. Diamonds is the premium currency in Free Fire.

Diamonds have to bought with money but you can still do some work to get them for free.

Here’s How to get free Diamonds in Free Fire in January 2021.

Free Diamonds in Free Fire

There are a number of ways to earn diamonds for Free in Free Fire. One must remember that you must not resort to illegal means of adding diamonds. Additionally, this can lead to the publishers taking action on you. We will detail the methods to get Free Diamonds below. Also, you should know that You might even end up getting banned for trying to add diamonds illegally.

  • Google Opinion Rewards – This app by google rewards you with google play credits for completing short and straightforward surveys and quizzes. You can use these credits to buy in game diamonds in Free Fire. The payout for each rewards depends on the user and may not be the same all the time.
  • Giveaways and Custom Rooms – Youtubers, Instagram pages and other content creators always host giveaways and custom lobbies with diamonds as the reward.
  • GPT Applications\Websites – GPT Apps and Websites task the user with watching videos, completing surveys and downloading other apps . People are rewarded with gift cards, paypal cash and other modes of payment as well.

Swagbucks, PollPay, PrizeRebel, GrabPoints, EasyRewards are all different GPT websites and Apps you can try out.

That was our article regarding How to get free Diamonds in Free Fire in January 2021.

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