How to get Free Katana skins in Free Fire Diwali Top Up event?

A new Free Fire Diwali Top-up event 2 has commenced in the game after the first one was completed on October 21, 2021. Check out the new event's rewards and price.

Free Fire Diwali top up event
Diwali Top up event

A new Free Fire Diwali Top Up event has commenced in the game which offers Katana skin along with a Crossbow skin for free. This is the second top-up event of Diwali in which the first one offered Soloist (AK47) & Disc Jockey (M249) Gun Crates and Mind it Emote.

Top Up events in Free Fire are by far the best events that offer users a plethora of exclusive free rewards. Unlike other events, the diamonds would not be wasted for spins or other activities. Thus, the items featured in the event are an excellent value for money. As the first Top-up event of Diwali has concluded, the officials have decided to include another Diwali Top Up event with new series of rewards. It features the Quadri Lava Weapon Loot Crate and Katana – Sword of Honor.

Free Fire Diwali Top up event 2: All you need to know

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Diwali Top up event 2

The second top up event of Diwali in Free Fire has commenced today i.e., on October 22, 2021. It will run for a total of 6 days and will be concluded by October 28, 2021. All you need to do is purchase a specific number of diamonds that will unlock the skins to be claimable. Here are the event start and end dates:

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Cross bow skin

Starting date: October 22, 2021

Ending Date: October 28, 2021

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Players should be aware that while the rewards offered in the event are officially free, they do have a cost to get them. They must recharge a certain quantity of diamonds in order to unlock and claim the skins. The recharged diamonds, on the other hand, maybe used for any other purchase option in the game. The following is the number of diamonds that gamers must top-up in order to unlock the skins:

Free Fire Diwali top up 2
Diwali Top Up event 2

Quadri Lava Weapon Loot Crate – able to claim after 100 diamonds top-up

Katana – Sword of Honor – able to claim after 300 diamonds top-up

Players need to buy a total of 300 diamonds to avail both the rewards for free. Players can buy diamonds from SEAGM, Moogold, or the in-game store. Here is how you can access the event.

How to access the event?

Follow the given steps below to access the event

Step 1: Open Garena Free Fire on your device. Once you are in the main lobby, click on the ‘Calendar’ icon present on the right side of the screen.

free fire destiny top up event

Step 2: Under all sections, tap on the ‘Diwali Top up‘ event section or tab to proceed.

Free Fire Diwali top up 2
Diwali Top Up event 2

Step 3: Once the diamond purchase threshold is reached, players can get the skins for free.

free fire diwali event calendar
Image via KnightClown, Instagram

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