How to get Racer Dreki Pet skin in Free Fire for free?

Racer Dreki Pet skin is released under the collaboration with Mclaren. Here is how yo can get the skin for free in Free Fire.

Racer Dreki Pet skin

Free Fire’s collaboration with McLaren has resulted in bringing up several exclusive McLaren and racing themed skins. A new event under the collaboration features Racer Dreki pet skin which this article will discuss how players can get for free.

Free Fire has made epic and sensational cross overs with some of the biggest brands and personalities all around the world. It has a ton of collaborations which includes collaboration with famous personalities like Alok, Mohamed Ramadan, Christiano Ronaldo, Son Tung M-TP alonside the brnas like Street fighter, McLaren and webcomics like One Punch Man, Attack on Titan. Such vast list of collaborations had brought rewards based on the themes of thier partnerships.

Free Fire X McLaren was announced earlier this year, and a set of events had started to drop into the game, starting from July 23. A new evetn named ‘Get Racer Dreki’ has started on July 26. Let us know how you can get it.

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Racer Dreki Pet skin in Free Fire

Racer Dreki Pet skin

The event that features Dreki Pet skin has commenced on July 26 and will go live upto August 4th. During the event, players need to collect Racing Tyre Tokens. These tokens are achieved by eliminating enemies. Tokens are placed in eliminated enemy’s loot box and you should be the first to collect them in the box. Attaining various tokens will unlock various rewards in this dreki pet event. The rewards set for various required number of tyre tokens are as follows:

  • Gold Royale Voucherx1: avialable for Wet Racing Tyre Tokensx3
  • Weapon Royale Voucher: Wet Racing Tyre Tokensx3
  • Racer Dreki Pet skin: available for Wet Racing Tyre Tokensx25

Players should collect the required amount of tyre tokens while playing matches in the game. After attaining the required number of tokens, players can redeem the skin in the event.

How to access the event

Follow the given steps below to access the event where you can redeem the racer Dreki pet skin.

e screen.

Step 1: Launch Garena Free Fire on your device. On the main screen lobby, tap on the “Calendar” icon present on the right side of the screen.

racer dreki pet skin

Step 2: Out of all availbale sections, tap on the “Ace Play” section to proceed. Then click on the “Get Racer Dreki” sub-section in the event.

Racer Dreki Pet skin
How to get Racer Dreki Pet skin in Free Fire for free? 3

Step 3: After attaining the required number of tokens, you will be able to click on ‘exchange’ option to redeem the skin. Collect 25 tokens in order to redeem the skin.

Racer Dreki Pet skin
How to get Racer Dreki Pet skin in Free Fire for free? 4

Alternatively, players can click on the banner of the pet skin event, which is displayed on the screen when the game is launched.

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