How to get Shadow Earthshaker Bundle in Free Fire?

Free Fire players can get Shadow Earthsaker Bundle for free in Rampage: New Dawn event. Check out how you can avail the bundle for Free.

shadow earthshaker bundle in free fire

Free Fire is home to a lot of exclusive cosmetic bundles where players have to complete events to avail most of them. In this article, we will discuss how to get Shadow Earthshaker Bundle in Free Fire New Rampage Dawn Event.

Free Fire launches regular events and releases frequent updates to keep players engaged in the game. The recent update is the Free Fire OB28 update which had led to one of the best events in the game i.e., Rampage: New Dawn event. You can avail of the earthshaker bundle for free without pricing any diamonds.

The new event has gone live on June 18 and players can now avail of the Shadow Earthshaker Bundle for Free in the new event and other exclusive rewards. Let us know more about the bundle and the event.

Shadow Earthshaker Bundle in Free Fire

shadow earthshaker bundle in free fire

The new Rampage New Dawn event is set to bring several items and bundles, including skateboard skins, vehicle skins, and more! Shadow Earthshaker bundle is available to claim just by accomplishing some missions daily. Completing missions will get you tokens to redeem the rewards that the event features.

The events drop some new missions daily such as winning a match, play a certain number of matches and related. The event will provide 10 tokens a day that you can use to redeem the bundle. To claim the bundle, one has to clear all 4 paths in the event. Using tokens will advance you to clear all the paths. During your way towards the bundle, you are rewarded with several items.

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Shadow Earthshaker bundle in Rampage New Dawn Event

The rewards include:

  • Mythos Dreki – Pet skin
  • Azure Strombringer Banner
  • Frost Sabertooth Avatar
  • Monster Truck Skin -Sabertooth
  • Volcanic Whirlwind Banner & Avatar
  • Shadow Earthshaker Avatar & Banner
  • Frost Sabertooth Banner
  • Sabertooth Pin
  • Sabertooth Loot Box
  • Stormbringer Pin
  • Earthshaker Grenade skin

Login Reward: Stormbringer Swing Bat (Login for 9 days to claim this skin – Available up to July 2)

shadow earthshaker bundle in free fire
Stormbringer Swing bat skin

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How to access the event:

  • Open Free Fire and on the right hand side of the main screen you can see the bundles icons and click on it.
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Click on the bundle icon
  • Then, you are given a chance to draw something and you can draw anything of your choice and click on ‘Summon.’ By drawing, you are rewarded with two tokens and pet food.
shadow earthshaker bundle in free fire
Draw something and click on ‘Summon’ to get two tokens and pet food
  • Click on the ‘Battle of the Dawn’ to enter the event. You can see the 4 paths pointing towards the middle one. Completing four paths by using the Might of Mythos tokens in order to claim the Shadow Earthshaker Bundle.
Adobe Post 20210620 1231130.2966371649595101 - FirstSportz
Finish all four paths to claim the bundle for free
Adobe Post 20210620 1230520.4984730182693874 - FirstSportz
Once you complete all missions you can claim the Earthshaker Bundle for free!

Complete daily missions and get Might of Mythos tokens every day and click on ‘Forward’ to come near the middle magic animation. After clearing all the paths, you can claim the Shadow Earthshaker Bundle for Free. There are more events for the other exclusive rewards in the Rampage New Dawn section. Hence, keep an eye to check the new events to claim more bundles and skins.

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