How to finish Flashback Kante SBC FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

The Flashback Kante SBC FIFA 22 card is a newly introduced 87-rated card and is generously priced with a balanced stat chart!

Flashback Kante SBC FIFA 22
Flashback Kante SBC FIFA 22 (image via.

FIFA 22 is the biggest football game developed by EA Games and the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has obtained a new card. This is the N’Golo Kante Flashback version with a 87-rated card. Here is how to complete the Flashback Kante SBC FIFA 22 FUT edition.

This new card was introduced by EA Sports an is a version of Kante from Chelsea. It is available in the SBC (Squad Building Challenge) tab of the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. This version of the card is now up for grabs and stems from his great performance in Leicester in the 2015 season of FIFA. The new card is now out and up for grabs by finishing a few missions.

Here is how to finish the Flashback Kante SBC FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Flashback Kante SBC FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Stats and how to get it!

Flashback Kante SBC FIFA 22
Chelsea (image via. FIFA)

This is a flashback card which is not the Gold Edition, which features a 90 rated card. The Flashback Kante SBC features a 87-rating. This features the following stats when compare to the gold edition:

  • Physical +6
  • Defense +5
  • Passing +2
  • Pace -4
  • Dribbling -1

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This is a good card with a balanced stat and low price. It is available in the game for 260,850 FUT Coins on PlayStation, 284,550 on Xbox and 272,300 on PC. It is a great collectible item and also requires some missions to finish to complete he card.

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Players need to turn in seven squads to unlock it. These are the Gold Squad, Rare Gold Squad, Past and Present, Premier League, Les Bleus, Top Form and 87-Rated Squad.

The complete requirements are as follows:

Flashback Kante SBC FIFA 22
Flashback Kante SBC FIFA 22 stats (image via.
  1. Gold Squad: Gold Squad with minimum 30 chemistry.
  2. Rare Gold Squad: Gold Squad with atleast 30 chemistry and 11 rare players.
  3. Past and Present: 83-rated squad/ 75 chemistry minimum/ one player from Leicester City and Chelsea
  4. Premier League: 84-rated squad/ minimum 70 chemistry/ one player from Premier League
  5. Les Bleus: 85-rated squad/ atleast 65 chemistry/ atleast one TOTW (Inform) card/ one player from France.
  6. Top Form: 86-rated squad/ minimum 60 chemistry/ atleast one TOTW (inform) Card
  7. 87-Rated Squad: 87-Rated Squad with minimum 55 chemistry.

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