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How to get Free Custom Room cards in Free Fire?

Free Custom Room cards in Free Fire are a great way to create custom rooms and here some events to get them from!

Free Fire Purgatory Map

Free Fire has a variety of event running currently that is celebrating the new map that has arrived in the game. This article explains how to get free Custom Room cards in Free Fire from the new events!

Room Cards and vouchers in Free Fire are on of the most desired items in the game right after cosmetics. These allow the players to spin special Luck Draws and get skins and the Custom Room card allows the player to invite player over and make a game of their own. These are generally only available to be obtain through diamonds, so this is great chance for the players to get many of them for free!

Free Custom Room cards in Free Fire

A New Clash Squad map has arrived in the game named the Purgatory and features many new events that have arrived simultaneously. Players need to pay on the map in order to complete them and get the rewards!

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Custom Room cards are very rare and allows the players to make a custom match room to invite friends over and also hold special events. There, are also many vouchers available in the even!

This event is a Login event and therefore, players can login each day to get the reward, making it very simple.

The prize pool for the event are as follows:

  • Login 1 Day: Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Login 2 Days: Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Login 3 Days: Custom Room Card
  • Login 4 Days: Craftland Room Card
  • Login 5 Days: Incubator Voucher x2

The event will run from 10th till 16th November, 2021 and players must complete it within this time period.

How to redeem the rewards?

  • Open the Free Fire app and navigate to the Calendar section of the game on the right side of the home-screen.
  • Open the “CS New Map Launch” tab on the top.
  • Click on the “Free Custom Room Cards” tab on the left.
  • Players can redeem the free Custom Room cards in Free Fire from this section!

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