How to get the M60 Viper Gangster in Free Fire Weapon Royale?

How to get the M60 Viper Gangster in Free Fire Weapon Royale?

New M60 skin at Free Fire Weapon Royale

Free Fire caters to the needs of every player and releases stunning weapon skins at regular intervals. Players who were not able to collect the Viper Gangster skin of M60 are in for a treat as the latest Free Fire Weapon Royale has brought back the M60 Viper Gangster skin.


A plethora of weapon skins are available at store of Free Fire. These weapon skins can be either legendary or rare. Players can also obtain exclusive skins from the Weapon Royale section where they need to spend few diamonds and spin the wheel. The spins are mostly based on luck, therefore, many players are allured to obtain the skin before others and eliminate the enemies in style. As M60 comes under the category of machine guns, players should try their luck at the Free Fire Weapon Royale and obtain the Viper Gangster skin as soon as possible.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at how to obtain the M60 Viper Gangster in Free Fire.

Free Fire Weapon Royale: New M60 skin

How to get the M60 Viper Gangster in Free Fire Weapon Royale?
Weapon Royale

The new weapon skin has been released in the game today i.e. 6th November, 2021. The Viper Gangster skin is a rare skin which has enhanced the damage capacity of the machine gun M60.


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The M60 Viper Gangster has added the following enhancements to the weapon

How to get the M60 Viper Gangster in Free Fire Weapon Royale?
Viper Gangster M60
  • Damage ++
  • Range +
  • Reload speed –

Players can have access to the spin by spending diamonds which can be topped up through various websites. For a single spin, players need to spend 40 diamonds. By spending 400 diamonds, players can get 11 spins. After attaining maximum luck points, players can be certain to obtain the grand prize i.e. M60 Viper Gangster.

The prize pool for the new weapon royale is:

  • M60 Viper Gangster
  • SKS Urban Rager
  • SPAS12 Urban Rager
  • AK47 Urban Rager
  • FAMAS Imperial Rome
  • KAR98 Imperial Rome
  • MP5 Imperial Rome
  • AK47 Imperial Rome
  • SKS Bumblebee Sting
  • SPAS12 Bumblebee Swarm
  • MP5 Bumblebee Rattle
  • AK47 Bumblebee
  • Groza Pharaoh’s Wings
  • SPAS12 Pharaoh’s Eyes
  • M1014 Pharaoh’s Rage
  • KAR98 Pharaoh’s Eyes
  • Bounty Token Play Card (3d,24h)
  • Resupply map (3d,24h)
  • Bonfire Playcard (3d,24h)
  • Summon Airdrop Playcard (3d,24h)
  • Scan playcard (3d,24d)
  • Bounty Token
  • Resupply map
  • Summon Airdrop
  • Bonfire
  • Scan

How to get the M60 Viper Gangster?

STEP 1: Open Free Fire or Free Fire Max and then head towards the luck royale section which is present on the left side of the screen.

STEP 2: Select the weapon royale section

STEP 3: Players can obtain the weapon skin after spinning the wheel with diamonds.

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