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How to get the Pegasus Skywing in Free Fire?

The Free Fire Plinko Event has bought in the latest Pegasus Skywing in Free Fire and players can spend a few diamonds to earn this great prize!

Pegasus Skywing in Free Fire in Plinko Event

Free Fire has a lot of cosmetics and items that are up for grabs for the players everyday. We take a look at the Pegasus Skywing in Free Fire and how to get it easily!

The new Plinko Event is now here and is active from 16th July, 2021 till 22nd July, 2021. Players need to buy and drop balls for a chance at awesome and exclusive rewards. These are very rare and players cannot them in any other way!

Here is how to get the Pegasus Skywing in Free Fire from the Free Fire Plinko Event.

Free Fire Plinko Event

Pegasus Skywing in Free Fire

Players can win many different rewards from the Free Fire Plinko Event and these are the rules and prize pool for the following event.

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Players can purchase one Ball or 5 Balls at one go. The one ball with 30 diamonds and 5 balls with 90 diamonds. The first buy for 1 ball is free.

Players can then choose a starting point for their ball to drop on the Plink board.

Players can win among a variety of prizes including Basic, Premium and Grand. After winning a prize, the item will be replaced with another item so that the rewards slots are always full.

Players can also redeem free items after dropping the ball for 3, 10 and 20 times. The prizes are Weapon Royale Vouchers, Diamonds Royale Vouchers x2 and Cube Fragments x3 respectively in Free Fire.

Free Fire Plinko Event

The prize pool for the current draw are:

  • Pegasus Skywing
  • Yin and Yang
  • Biker Gun Box
  • Imperial Rome Box
  • Skyline Gun Box
  • Memory Fragment Maro (50x)
  • An Artist’s Escape

How to get the Pegasus Skywing in Free Fire?

  • Players need to open the Garena Free Fire app and then navigate to the Calendar section on the right side of the home screen.
  • After this click on the News tab on the top right and then on the Plinko tab on the left.
  • Click on the ‘Go To’ option and the event will open.

Players can buy balls on the ‘Buy Ball’ tab and run the event until you win the Pegasus Skywing in Free Fire.

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