Battlegrounds Mobile India: How to increase K/D Ratio in BGMI?

Maitaining a high K/D Ratio in BGMI is considered an important aspect of the game. However, players often wonder how to increase thier K/D Ratio. This article talks about the best ways to increase the K/D Ratio in BGMI.

How to increase K/D Ratio in BGMI
Battlegrounds Mobile India

Many players desire to maintain a high K/D ratio in BGMI as this is something to brag about. Having a high K/D Ratio is highly esteemed by the players. In this article we are going to talk about the methods by which players can increase their K/D Ratio in BGMI.

Players who possess a high K/D ratio are generally good at in-game decisions, gameplay techniques, as they defeat more enemies than others. All prominent BGMI streamers possess a high K/D Ratio.

Down below, we are going to talk about what is K/D ratio and how players can increase their K/D Ratio in BGMI.

What is K/D Ratio in BGMI?

How to increase K/D Ratio in BGMI
K/D Ratio

K/D ratio or the Kill death ratio basically denotes the number of enemy defeats a player gets while surviving the game. The K/D Ratio is only calculated in Classic matches, both in TPP and FPP modes.

The K/D Ratio is calculated by averaging all K/D Ratio gained from each classic matches played during the season.

In the past, the K/D Ratio was calculated as the total ratio of all finishes and all deaths. It has now been replaced by the above said formula.

Ways to increase K/D Ratio in BGMI

1. Proper Squad

How to increase K/D Ratio in BGMI

While playing a squad match, it is recommended to the players that they play with a proper and regular squad i.e with their friends. Your friends are aware about your gameplay techniques and will be an excellent support to you in the game whereas players from auto-matching might be detrimental for your gameplay as they might hinder the process of increasing your K/D Ratio.

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2. Landing on Hot drops

How to increase K/D Ratio in BGMI
Hot Drops

Hot drops are extremely helpful to get high number of kills at the very beginning of your gameplay. A lot of players land on hot drops so you can defeat the enemies just after landing.If you’re not a lover of rush gameplay then you should avoid landing on hotdrops and instead land on those places where you can find enough loot to defeat the enemies later on.

NOTE: It is recommended for those players who have good close combat skills as there are chances of dying early in hot drops

3. Using best weapons

How to increase K/D Ratio in BGMI

Best weapons always yield best results. It is recommended for the players to always keep one AR Rifle and one sniper with them as they are helpful in close as well as long range combats. The most preferred AR weapon is M416 as it has a low recoil however if you are able to control the recoil of your gun, then you can use wapons like AKM or M762. The best sniper is undoubtedly AWM but since it is not easily available, players can use snipers like M24 or KAR98K.

4. Wait till the last circle

How to increase K/D Ratio in BGMI
Last circle

It is very important to wait till the last circle if you are playing a solo match or if you’ve lost all of your teammates in the match. Roaming alone might be brave but sometimes it can cost you, your virtual life so do not rush unnecessarily. Staying alive till the last zone might get you more kills as many players are desperate to reach the play zone and defeating them would be a cakewalk .

These are some of the best methods to increase your K/D Ratio in BGMI.

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